Wow…first of all let me just say WOW! And is it also okay if I say I am beginning to fall in love with Christopher Nolan? Interstellar gives us an amazing journey following… Continue reading

Before I Go to Sleep

  In Before I Go to Sleep we have Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge, The Golden Compass, Eyes Wide Shut) playing Christine Lucas. A woman who suffered a horrible attack 14 years ago and… Continue reading

St. Vincent

  So let me tell you. A week without my computer seriously sucked. I apologize for not updating last week. But I’m back in business with a good one! Oh, I was so… Continue reading

The Judge

  In The Judge we have Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man, The Soloist, Tropic Thunder) playing Hank Palmer a big shot attorney in Illinois who doesn’t mind letting off the occasional criminal so… Continue reading

Michael Rooker Vs. The Fans

So this weekend comic-con stopped in and who should be with them but Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy, Walking Dead *Series, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer). Of course me and a… Continue reading

The Equalizer

Another movie where Denzel Washington (The Book of Eli, Safe House, Deja Vu) kicks butt and takes names? Yes please! In this dark action flick we have Denzel playing your everyday mild-mannered-Joe Robert… Continue reading

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner staring Dylan O’Brien; (The Internship, The First Time, Teen Wolf *TV series) oh what fun this was! In this fast paced adventure we have a sort of mix between ‘Lord… Continue reading

No Good Deed

Kind of a slow weekend for movies this week huh? Instead of ‘Dolphin Tale 2’ or ‘The Drop’, I give you ‘No Good Deed’. I’m sure you saw the trailer for this one; the… Continue reading


  “What goes on inside the head, inside the head?” This isn’t my usual style here. Usually I like to review the movies that just came out over the weekend but when an… Continue reading

As Above/So Below

So this weekend we had the release of ‘As Above/So Below’ which when viewing the trailer seems to come off as another one of those found-footage horror films that everyone’s getting sick of… Continue reading

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    • Shanghai: Rajkumar Hirani Talks China-India Film Axis, Silent on #MeToo Accusations June 20, 2019
      Rajkumar Hirani, the Indian film director who is part of the Shanghai International Film Festival’s competition jury, says he is pleased by the reception that Indian films are getting in China. But in conversation in Shanghai he sidestepped the accusations of sexual assault that were recently levelled against him. “I don’t think we should talk […] […]
      Rebecca Davis