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Jane Got a Gun

Jane Got a Gun seemingly comes out of nowhere as a dark western drama starring Natalie Portman (Thor, Black Swan, Anywhere but Here) and Joel Edgerton (The Gift, The Great Gatsby *2013, Warrior).… Continue reading

Ride Along 2

Ride Along 2 stars Ice Cube (Boyz N the Hood, Are We Done Yet?, Three Kings) and Kevin Hart (About Last Night, The Five-Year Engagement, This is the End) returning for a sequel… Continue reading

Crimson Peak

  For the past three months it seemed nearly impossible to go to a theater and not be reminded of Crimson Peak’s upcoming release this weekend. Well it’s finally here, and well worth… Continue reading

Hot Pursuit

Back on track again to review the action/comedy starring Reese Witherspoon (Wild, Legally Blonde, Four Christmases) and Sofia Vergara (Four Brothers, The Smurfs,Escape from Planet Earth) which at first glance, with these two… Continue reading


Blackhat, starring Chris Hemsworth (The Cabin in the Woods, Thor, Star Trek *2009) is one of those movies where you think it’s going to be a snooze fest but you go into the… Continue reading

The Judge

  In The Judge we have Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man, The Soloist, Tropic Thunder) playing Hank Palmer a big shot attorney in Illinois who doesn’t mind letting off the occasional criminal so… Continue reading

The Equalizer

Another movie where Denzel Washington (The Book of Eli, Safe House, Deja Vu) kicks butt and takes names? Yes please! In this dark action flick we have Denzel playing your everyday mild-mannered-Joe Robert… Continue reading

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    • Louis C.K. Downplays His Sexual Misconduct in Controversial New Special April 5, 2020
      Disgraced comedian Louis C.K. has returned with a surprise stand-up special, after admitting to several accounts of sexual misconduct in the 2010s. He was one of the first men in Hollywood whose behavior came to light during the #MeToo movement, but he started to re-emerge in comedy clubs in 2018 with new material. He jokes […]
      Jordan Moreau