Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse came out this weekend and what an awesome surprise it came as a wide release! I thought it would be hard to catch this movie in theaters since it advertised as only a select releasing so this is pretty great. I didn’t have to drive to the far ends of the earth to catch this movie so I actually have a review for you!

Let’s meet Miles Morales voiced by Shameik Moore (Dope, Joyful Noise, The Pretenders) a young high schooler who’s greatest worries in life are getting by in his new school and finding cool new places to tag his art in Brooklyn NYC. Of course, that changes when one night he gets bitten by say it with me “A radioactive spider”! Next thing you know superpowers blah, blah so on and so forth. But when Miles tries to find out more about his powers he finds himself in the middle of a battle between the real Spider-Man aka Peter Parker and the Green Goblin! This fight is the result of big bad boss King Pin voiced by Liev Schreiber (A Perfect Man, The Butler, Isle of Dogs) trying to open a vortex into another dimension. The plan fails but the end result is the death of Spider-Man.

This leaves Miles feeling like he has some big shoes to fill! But where to start? Luckily Spider-Man is there to help! No not that Spider-Man, another one from another dimension! Voiced by Jake Johnson (Tag, The Mummy *2017, Win it All) this Spider-Man is named Peter B. Parker from a dimension where he’s been Spider-Man so long he’s kinda burned out on the job. Not to mention he’s still reeling from a divorce and some bad investment decisions. Not only that Miles meets Spider-Gwen a.k.a Gwen Stacy voiced by Hailee Steinfeld (The Edge of Seventeen, Pitch Perfect 3, Begin Again)  from a dimension where Peter Parker died and she takes on the role of Spider-Man (Or Spider-Woman). They also meet Peni-Parker, Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Ham voiced in that order by Kimiko Glenn (Like Father, In Reality), Nicholas Cage (Mom and Dad, Dog Eat Dog) and John Mulaney (The Comeback Kid, Oh, Hello on Broadway). All from other dimensions, all with their own origin stories. And if Miles is going to help his new fellow superheroes get home and stop King Pin from opening up another dimension and destroying the world he’s going to have to find his own. And fast!

I can say for sure that if you were a fan of the comic like style of Scott Pilgrim you will be a fan of this film. It’s bursting with color, popping with graphics and spectacularly overflowing with great hip-hop sounds! I fell hard for this movie. Much more different from your every-day origin story it gave us something new to cheer to. The fact that in this Spider-Verse we see Peter Parker die actually feels you with a sense of dread. Because Super Heroes are not supposed to die. So the fact that we’re waiting to see Miles grow into his powers to become the new Spider-Man is an exciting thing to watch. It was also great seeing all these different dimensions coming together. Strange yes but I think it worked out surprisingly well. I don’t think there was ever a dull moment. The whole film flowed by in an upbeat fashion that keeps you hooked as we follow not only Miles but these other Spider-People to the final showdown.

Rated PG for animated action violence, thematic elements, and mild language.

Currently, on Rotten Tomatoes, this instant Super Hero classic is at a 97% fresh. No surprise. None at all.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but one of the greatest things about this movie is that it left room open for a sequel. And I usually hate sequels! I can really think of no bad things to say about this movie. See it. Love it. Maybe pick up the soundtrack. I think I might. And if you feel like you won’t cry stay put after the initial credits so that you can see the loving tribute to Stand Lee. So many feels!