Wow. Just wow. This weekend doesn’t have too much happening in the way of movies but that’s quite alright because one of the new releases threw us a curveball in the best way imaginable.

Daveed Diggs (Wonder, Ferdinand) stars as Collin a convicted felon who’s just finished paying his debt to society. The movie starts within Collins last three days of probation. And what a last few days it is! After dropping off his childhood best friend Miles played by Raphael Casal (The Away Team) Collins suddenly finds himself witnessing the pursuit of a black man running from the cops. Collins watches as the cop guns down the unarmed non-threatening black man. Quick as he can Collins puts as much distance between him and the crime as fast as possible.

Meanwhile both friends find themselves in the midst of change. Their home hood of Oakland California is being conformed into a Wholefoods loving, Vegan eating hipster spot as old houses are being bought out by a by different kind of generation who think they’re doing the hood a favor by reforming it. Miles’s favorite burger joint re-opens with a new policy where he has to ask for non-vegetarian burgers! Wtf!? But as the countdown to Collins being a free man approaches that shooting continues to haunt him again and again to the point where he really begins to question the state his home is in. The growing war of black men vs. Cops. His conscious fear of being the go-to target because of the color of his skin. But most importantly his friendship with his violent, trouble loving, white best friend Miles and how suddenly there are miles of differences between them.

Blindspotting is a great comedy which is clever enough to mix  drama in a fantastic timely manner that keeps you engaged from beginning to end. It focuses on the changes happening around us right now, the things that need to be changed and the things that perhaps can never be changed. Daveed and Raphael work so great together in this movie and with good reason. Their on-screen friendship resonates through their off-screen friendship and that really gives the movie that something extra. And for a second can we also talk about the shots and effects of the movie and how those were so perfectly done? The movie itself is a cinematic work of art where even if the story was a suck-fest you’d still have a visual treat for your eyes. Everything provokes thought, the colors of the scene the close-ups the words and even the rap lyrics that Collins and Miles throw out at times during the movie. Not only that it keeps you tense and focused as you approach the films climactic ending and you find yourself wondering will things ever be the same for Miles and Collins again? And if it’s not is it better that way?

Rated R for language throughout, brutal violence, sexual references and drug use.

Rotten Tomatoes has this legit film at a 93% fresh! Love those numbers!

I adored this movie! I want to see it again it’s so great! It’s a trend that’s steadily growing in this day and age. People are pissed and they want things to change. Which is good. You’ll find later in the movie that the term Blindspotting comes with a really cool insight on how we look at things today. See this movie. You’ll love that you did.