*Throwback* The Thing

So, I think I’m giving this update to Purple Films a throwback with a cult classic, John Carpenters The Thing. You know I’ve been itching for a good horror lately and you can’t go wrong with this one. You really can’t.

Kurt Russell (Hateful Eight, Escape from L.A., Miracle) stars in this creepy horror fest as MacReady a sort of leader of this crew of researchers based in cold Antarctica. This group including MacReady consists of 11 men who spend their time in the cold just wasting the day away bored AF on base until one day a low flying helicopter is seen chasing after a dog trying to shoot it dead. With something finally interesting to see the men watched in confused fascination as the dog rushes on their base while a couple of Norwegians land the helicopter and take chase on foot. But when things get out of hand MacReady and his men shoot one of the guys while the other ends up destroying himself.

They decide to take in the dog and MacReady takes some of his men to the Norwegian base to figure out what’s going on out there. What they find is a bloodied up destroyed campsite with a deformed corpse laying frozen in the snow…also a strange empty pod. They return to base with the corpse to study it meanwhile the dog they rescued is acting strange. Things get even stranger when the dog suddenly mutates into this deformed monster and tries to eat the other dogs! They quickly kill it off but after studying the corpse they learn that the creature can imitate other beings after first eating them. Not only that but anyone who becomes contaminated by the thing can become an imitator! Crazy right??

So, the crew knows that the dog has been out and about all day who’s to say that any of them has already been infected? Also, the corpse they brought back to study is beginning to thaw…sounds like a problem.

So first and foremost: Who doesn’t like those effects of the creature morphing into something else? Creepy, bizarre, gruesome and frightening are just a few of the words that describe them. Rob Bottin oversaw the film effects and by the end of the production had to be hospitalized from exhaustion! That’s dedication right there. The cast was a good one some of the names being Keith David (Cloud Atlas, The Princess and the Frog, Armageddon) and Wilford Brimly (In & Out, Cocoon, Amber Waves) and a few others that I won’t go into too much detail on. The story is about isolation and distrust, two things the movie banked on heavily and man did it work. No one is safe from accusation and you get a strong sense of dread for each person there. There are a few jump scares but not too many. It’s those effects that get you. Seeing that monster taking over a body. Seeing it mutate itself into someone else. That’s the thing that will give you the heebie-jeebies late at night. And we thank John Carpenter for that. Thanks John!

Rated R for strong graphic sci/fi horror violence and gore, grisly images, language and some drug content.

The Thing holds the position as 83% fresh on rotten tomatoes. Which is so good considering it failed at the box office upon its release. However, that could have been because E.T. came out two weeks prior and let’s face it, we like our aliens to be a little more…nicer.

The Thing was released to theaters in June of 1982 and is now known as a cult classic. It’s a must see for horror movie fanatics. I loved this movie because it’s the kind of movie that stays with you long after the credits have rolled. Because of that accomplishment alone it stands the test of time. See it, love it, fear it.