*Hidden Gem* The To Do List

I’m not gonna lie, there have been a few good releases this week. None of which I got to see so I decided to give you an all time favorite of mine that was never really all that popular. An indie film not that wildly advertised and it was only in select theaters for a very limited time. I bring you a pretty overdue update of glorious hilarious hidden gem; The To Do List.

Aubrey Plaza (Dirty Grandpa, Monsters University, 10 Years) stars as over achiever, straight-laced Brandy Klark who just recently graduated from High School and is all too eager to get started as a college freshman. However when her two best friends drag her to a house party and she gets her first glimpse of Rusty Waters; Scott Porter (Speed Racer, Dear John, The Good Guy) she realizes she’s not quite ready for college yet. Falling hard for the insanely hot Rusty, Brandy realizes with the constant nagging of her friends and older sister Amber played by Rachel Bilson (Waiting for Forever, Jumper, The Last Kiss) that before she hits the college campus she first has to lose her virginity! But it’s so much more than that! She’s a completely inexperienced virgin! She has to know everything from blow-jobs to hand-jobs to tea-bagging to dry-humping to masturbating to rim-jobs to eating-out (or as Brandy prefers cunnilingus) and everything else in between! So what does a straight A student do to ready herself for sex on campus? She makes a list of course! Of everything she needs to do before summer is over with the finale of that list being losing her virginity to Rusty.

It’s a pretty straightforward plot. You make a to do list and you do it. Plain and simple right? Well sure if you don’t count your guy friend that you’re just ‘experimenting’ with falling in love with you or the fact that your prude of a father keeps freaking out or that your new boss played fantastically by Bill Hader (The BFG, Trainwreck, They Came Together) keeps making you look like a total idiot. You would never expect so many hilarious twist and turns in losing your virginity but trust me its possible!

From start to finish this movie is a laugh out loud goldmine. Plaza shines as the know it all awkward teenager bouncing from one hilarious scene to the next. Clark Gregg (The Avengers, Mr. Poppers Penguins, The New Adventures of Old Christine *Series) plays the uptight dad while Connie Britton (The Next Big Thing, The Life Coach, This is Where I leave You) plays a very outspoken mother who bump heads constantly. Bill Hader plays Brandy’s life guard boss who doesn’t know how to swim and when he isn’t busy making her life hell he’s usually drinking on the job or getting blazed on the life guard seat. Johnny Simmons (Evan Almighty, 21 Jump Street, The Perks of Being a Wallflower) plays Cameron who’s desperately in love with Brandy and you can’t help but feel for him as the underdog getting his heart torn up when he finds out about the ‘List’ and just what his role in it played. Rusty Waters is one of those sexy pretty boys who’s hot but unfortunately knows it. The cast in this film is just so winning that it was almost impossible for it to go wrong.

There’s really no take away I can find in this film except that there seemed to be some shaky camera moments. But it was so few and mediocre you barely notice it. You’re just too busy laughing.

Rated R for perverse, strong, crude and sexual content including graphic dialog, drug and alcohol use and language.

Rotten Tomatoes has this saucy coming of age at a 52% fresh! Deserves much more!

This obviously is not for kids. This is more so for the those who grew up watching teen movies only to find that those teen movies grew up with you. The best thing about this movie is that there’s no one here that you wont love and Aubrey is on the top of that list. And in between all the ridiculous sexual tension there’s a delicate lesson to be learned about losing your virginity. One that is sweet and makes you wish you’d known before you made the big step yourself. Not that it would have made much of a difference. You were a teenager remember? But still you should watch this movie. If you need a laugh and a moment to remenisce about your awkward teens. Well, there you go.