Get Out


Hey peoples! So, tell me what have you heard about this movie?  Because apparently, everyone has heard of it!

Get out staring Daniel Kaluuya (Welcome to the Punch, Kick-Ass 2) and Allison Williams (College Musical, Girls *Series) restores my faith in the psychological thriller genre where a young interracial couple take a trip to meet the parents. Daniel plays Chris Washington a young black man dating Rose Armitage a white woman and though you’d think tensions with this kind of thing has well since blown over…well you like to think that anyway, turns out that’s not the case in the least bit.

Chris and Rose are in a happy relationship things are going great until they meet Rose’s parents Missy and Dean Armitage played by Catherine Keener (The Forty Year Old Virgin, The Croods, Into the Wild) and Bradley Whitford (Other People, The Cabin in the Woods, Saving Mr. Banks) and Rose’s frighteningly strange brother Jeremy played by Caleb Landry Jones (X-Men: First Class, The Last Exorcism). In their lovely little neighborhood Chris takes notice that he seems to be a major minority in being the only black person for miles…well the only normal black person since you wouldn’t really count Walter and Georgina “the help”, played by Marcus Henderson (Pete’s Dragon *2016, Django Unchained) and Betty Gabriel (The Purge: Election Year, In Memoriam), as ‘normal’ in any sense of the word. Don’t get me wrong the Armitage’s come off polite enough, it’s just that little something underneath the surface that lets us know that they’re holding something back. Which unfortunately is so well done for the situation, white daughter bringing home her black boyfriend as a surprise, that the holding back part doesn’t even have to be some sinister secret like ‘I’m going to hypnotize you when you least expect it’. It can be something very real and prominent in our time today. And with that knowledge yet for the sake of his girlfriend Chris goes on trying to pretend that everything is okay. But one can only do that for so long. When the Armitage’s have a big house party and Chris gets to meet the rest of the neighborhood including a familiar face Andrew King played by Lakeith Stanfield (Straight Outta Compton, Selma) who through a strange accident suddenly goes haywire and warns Chris to ‘Get Out’ while he still can everything quickly spirals south. And of course, it turns out getting out is easier said than done.

Get Out has had so many fantastic reviews and it’s about to have another one because this was just so well done. Creepy, tense and even humorous just to get us breathing again. This is Jordan Peele’s first directorial debut and even though this genre is surprising for most of his fans (me included) he did well not to disappoint. Jordan Peele was a star in the comedic show Key&Peele and one thing I noticed about that show was that even though it was just a bunch of hilarious comedic sketches the video quality, the effects, the editing…it was all suuuuper good. Super good to the point where they made us care about the underprivilege witches and warlocks attending the inner-city wizarding school. YouTube, it. That being said all of that magic is brought into Get Out, film work, editing, effects all that comes into fantastic frightening life here that you wonder ‘Why didn’t Jordan Peele start making movies long ago!?’ And then you think, ‘Oh yeah because he was making me laugh on Key&Peele’ so…you know he’s still awesome. One thing I did have a little problem with was there were some loose ends like whatever happened to Andrew and how did Chris’s friend Rod played by LilRel Howery (Get a Job, Mad Families) find him? Am I over thinking things? Because no one else seems to care and I feel so bad for Andrew! #SaveAndrewKing

Rated R for violence, bloody images and language including sexual references.

Rotten Tomatoes has this smart thriller at a 99% Fresh! Love it!

As said before this is Jordan Peele’s first crack at directing and it was fantastic. I’m so excited to see what we get from him next! There were some so-so releases that came out last weekend but I implore you to go see this movie. When I say, it is a must see I mean it is a must see! There are a few well-placed jump scares but it’s the feel of the movie that gets you the most. Also, it leaves you a very unsettling feeling for the next time you try to sit down to have a cup of tea. So yeah…beware…and all.