Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates


Back for a minute with a good one for you. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates stars Zac Efron (Dirty Grandpa, The Lorax, 17 Again), Adam Devine (The Intern, Modern Family *Series, Pitch Perfect), Anna Kendrick (Life After Beth, 50/50, Twilight) and Aubrey Plaza (Joshy, Saftey Not Guaranteed, The To Do List) who have all worked at least once with one or the other before and I think one of them must have said: Hey let’s all make a movie together! And they all agreed and nothing but really good things came after that.

Adam and Zac play Mike and Dave Stangle two brothers who are in short: Screw ups. Every family event they show up get drunk and go overboard usually ending the night in a surefire catastrophe involving, explosions, insane property damage or grandpa ending up in the ER. Mom and dad have had enough and when little sister Jeanie played by Sugar Lyn Beard (A True Story, Stag, For a Good Time Call…) has her wedding date coming up their family asks for only one thing. Bring a date. Particularly with nice girls who will hopefully…calm down their craziness. So true to style the Stangle brothers do just that. They go on the hunt for sweet, nice girls…through an online ad that goes viral and eventually lands them on the Wendy Williams Show. In comes deadbeat best friends Tatiana and Alice played by Aubrey and Anna, who seeing the two brothers announce their intentions of finding dates to take to a wedding in Hawaii get a brilliant idea; free vacation! So with a few new cloths and a little straightening up…a lot of straightening up the two girls present themselves to Mike and Dave as kind, upstanding, good girls. The brothers fall hard and the next thing you know they’re off to Hawaii! But things quickly fall out of hand when Alice and Tatiana’s persona’s fall away and poor Jeanie’s wedding is jeopardized. Can the Stangle brothers save the day? Ooor somehow make it far worse?

Just the stars alone make this movie, a must see…well…sorta there is Zac Efron. I guess I like him, but it took a while, you know he really had to break free of that Disney musical saga he had going on. But yeah he’s okay. The thing is, they’re all hilarious and they come together to a give us a movie that has scene after scene of embarrassing, outrageous comedy! Their chemistry is spot on as well like I said before at some point they’ve all been on set together and I imagine a cool friendship going on behind the scenes making it easy for them to put this movie together. The script is a simple one and not meant for much else but just goofing around and poking at our funny bones. Your basic wedding catastrophe movie. In short, it doesn’t give out that much new to the comedy genre. You’ll go in for a good laugh and probably never think twice about it again. Them’s the breaks.

Rated R for crude sexual content, language throughout, drug use and some graphic nudity.

Rotten Tomatoes has this wedding comedy at a 39% rotten. I’ll say it again: Them’s the breaks.

I liked it. I thought it was funny and I enjoyed myself immensely all the way up to the credits. This gang of misfits was fun to watch together and why not? They’re some of my favorite people! But…it’s not a must see. Hey if you’re having a bad day and need a laugh, I recommend it, but walk… no need to run.