The Conjuring 2


Look, it’s happened! I had my doubts after The Darkness, but this time we got a good one! Horror just doesn’t get any better than The Conjuring 2. Right, it’s a sequel too. Mind. Blown.

The Conjuring 2 brings back actors Patrick Wilson (The Switch, Hard Candy, Space Station 76) and Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air, The Judge, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas) in their roles as a paranormal investigator couple Ed and Lorraine Warren. After the tragic incident at the Amityville house Ed and Lorraine step in to see if there really was a demonic presence there or if the murders there were just a random act of violence. While under trance Lorraine gets a vision of a demon who shows her Ed’s soon to be death, which prompts her to stop their paranormal investigations. Meanwhile, halfway across the world the Hodgson family, who consist of mother, Peggy, her two daughters, Janet and Margaret and two sons, Billy and Johnny played by Frances O’Conner (Love and Other Catastrophes, The Lazarus Child, Best Man Down), Madison Wolfe (The Campaign, Joy, Trumbo), Lauren Esposito (The Conjuring 2), Benjamin Haigh (The Conjuring 2) and Patrick McAuley, begin to experience the same supernatural activity as the Amityville house. Furniture moves on it’s own, Margaret’s sleep walking is freakishly like teleportation, voices call out to the family in the dark, so on and so forth, but all of this comes to a head when the hunting get so bad the family is forced to flee the house. Soon the police are involved, then the reporters and the Hodgson’s are all over the front paper’s in England. Word travels fast to the U.S. where the church, then asks the Warren’s to go in and check it out and see if it’s legit or just a family looking for publicity.

Once in England the Warren’s gets the lowdown on what’s been happening in the Hodgson’s home. And though the family’s fear is real they cannot find one once of paranormal activity and without any proof they cannot get the church involved. Will they be able to find spirits that plague the family in time? Or will Margaret and Ed meet their ends at the same demonic hands?

The thing I love about this movie is it didn’t just focus on the jump scares, which there are a good few, it developed the story and the characters perfectly. I can’t really remember much that I liked about the Warrens in The Conjuring but here their characters seem more thought out. Probably because this situation affects them too with Lorraine’s warning vision and her need to protect Ed. There’s a kind of twist at the end that explains why Lorraine can’t sense any spirits in the Hodgson house, but it’s…kind of subtle in a way that it doesn’t really turn heads but it keeps the story on track so that’s the important part. And another thing that bothers me is how after they find the demon it was like insanely easy to get rid of it. Like usually it’s a fight to banish a demon, but this movie made it seem like I could do exorcisms if I wanted to. Which I never would for obvious reasons. And I can understand the banishing part was shortened up for the sake of time, but still…it was so easy! Other than that though I loved it. I loved every moment of watching it through my fingers.

Rated R for terror and horror violence.

Rotten tomatoes have this horror sequel at a 74% fresh! It falls a little short of its 2013 predecessor The Conjuring which ended with an 86% but it’s still in the green so no worries.

There was a brief cameo of Annabelle in her glass case, had her movie been any good I might of enjoyed that but to each their own. For horror movies I always have this one rule: It’s not truly a horror unless someone dies. With that being said I will have to change that rule. No epic deaths here just your basic fear. The kind that makes you want to turn on your night-light. The first movie does not need to be seen to enjoy this, but I strongly suggest seeing that as well. But don’t watch both on the same night. You will seriously need that night-light if you do.