*Hidden Gem* The Voices



I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I make it a valid point not to cuss in my blogs. I like it to be very PG…-ish but I’m sorry I feel like there is no other way to explain my next movie review other than…Holy-F’ing sh**! And I mean that in the best possible way.

So Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, The Croods, Chaos Theory) stars as Jerry a sweet, mild-mannered guy going through reform as he starts his new job at a bathroom appliance factory. Everything’s going good his boss asked him to help out with the upcoming office party, he’s got a slightly half-promised date with the pretty accountant Fiona played by Gemma Arteton (Clash of the Titans, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Pirate Radio), and he’s been taking his pills as his therapist instructs. Except he’s really not taking his pills which are supposed to prevent the voices in his head so when he get’s home at night he’s greeted by his lovable dog Bosco and sinister cat Mr. Whiskers who actually ‘talk’ to him. His therapist Dr. Warren; Jacki Weaver (Three Blind Mice, Silver Linings Playbook, Summer Coda) says that if he doesn’t take the pills she’ll have to report him to the law but Jerry finds that everything is just so good when he doesn’t take them. Everything’s bright and sunshiny Bosco and Mr. Whiskers are there for him and the world is just awesome! But when his so-so date with Fiona completely derails in her accidental death Jerry suddenly finds himself in a very delicate situation in which only his pets can guide him. Should he follow his adoring dog Bosco’s advice to be a ‘good boy’ and turn himself in to the police? Or should he follow his ever cunning cat Mr. Whiskers and follow his ‘animal instinct’ to continue to kill?

I don’t know about these black comedies, I really don’t. I don’t watch them too often, but when I do they always make me laugh and then I always have this guilty aftermath for laughing. The last black comedy I saw was Very Bad Things, crazy movie, it ends with the main characters dead or horribly disfigured and Cameron Diaz’s character goes insane…and it was funny! And it’s the same situation here. The Voices touch some dark places such as Jerry’s childhood and his constant struggle to be a ‘good boy’ which just spiral’s out of control. We get to see his world in two views one where he doesn’t take the pills and one where he does and the difference is strikingly morbid. After Fiona’s death you think he’s just going to follow through with Mr. Whisker’s advice as he then goes after the other accounting girl Lisa; Anna Kendrick (Into the Woods, Life After Beth, Twilight) but a sudden change of heart at the last-minute and the reason behind it gives you hope for Jerry and you want him to come out of it okay. The truth is though he’s doomed from the start. You know it within the first thirty minutes of the film, so what you end up watching, really, is his desperate fight to try to find the reason behind his madness, why is it him that hears these voices in his head? And eventually he finds his answer which adds some tenderness in this gory mayhem. The laughs are all from Mr. Whiskers who has an extravagant potty mouth, but I believe that they got the mind of a cat perfectly right. And then there’s Fiona’s decapitated head as well, which tries to reason with poor Jerry and…honestly that’s funny too. It just is.

Rated R for bloody violence and language including sexual references.

Rotten Tomatoes has this dark but lovely gem at a 72% fresh. Which makes me feel good. Now I know I’m not the only one that laughed.

I miss having a cat. I really do. But I’m not evil or anything. I’m just a cat person. There is sooo much more I want to get into about this movie, but for the sake of spoiling too much I’m going to leave it here. If you ever run into this gem pick it up for a good watch and don’t be ashamed to laugh out loud even if your cat and dog are watching you. They are talking about you but it’s good things. Probably.