Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


So much anticipation…nearly two years of waiting. Why is it that every time I’m stuck waiting on pins and needles for such a long time that I’m always hit with a major feeling of disappointment? Maybe my expectations are too high? Perhaps…but I’m not too sure if that’s the real problem here. Let’s look into it.

Batman v Superman starts off with the story that we know so well. The murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne and young Bruce’s inspiration to become the super hero Batman. Cut a few years later we have a grown Bruce Waynes played by Ben Affleck (Gone Girl, Daredevil, Dogma) in the midst of a great city disaster while visiting the city of Metropolis. Superman fights an alien force in a battle that tears down cities and kills many innocent people. A few years pass and we’re introduced to Clark Kent played by Henry Cavill (The Man from U.N.C.L.E, Red Riding Hood, Stardust) working for the Metropolis News, he watches a news story of Batman who has taken on a whole new threatening technique as to branding his victims. Clark Kent thinks of batman as nothing more than an over publicized vigilante who needs to be stopped. Bruce Wayne thinks that Superman is some false prophet that is way too powerful to be trusted and needs to be stopped.

In comes Lex Luther, Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network, Rio, Why Stop Now?) who has found a large quantity of kryptonite, which has been studied and proven to have a negative effect on Superman’s kind. He wants his discovery funded to build weapons to stop Superman or any aliens that may come from his planet because they are visitors from another world and we have no idea what they’re capable of. He’s denied his request and so he comes up with another plan to get rid of Superman. Pit him against the Dark Knight of Gotham in a sure to be brawl of the century! Because both heroes already have a mutual dislike for one another it doesn’t take much. Kidnap Clark’s mother, Martha Kent; Diane Lane (Unfaithful, Inside Out, Judge Dredd), and push his girlfriend Louis Lane; Amy Adams (Her, Leap Year, Catch Me if You Can) off a cliff, you know get the worlds strongest man all riled up, and then tell him he has to kill Batman in an hour or his mother dies and…that’s pretty much it.

The fight, of course, the best part of the movie. Unfortunately it only last about 15 minutes before both men realize that they have one very personal thing in common. (Can you guess what it is? It’s hidden in the review. Hint: it has something to do with their mothers.) Suddenly their besties and they come to realize they share a more threatening enemy to stand against together.

So…what went wrong here? Let’s start off with the title: Batman v Superman. That gives the idea that this movie is about a fight against said heroes right? I think it should have been named Batman and Superman: The Research Movie: Some fighting might apply. That was what the whole two hours made up. Just Clark and Bruce trying to find out who Batman and Superman are,  not to fight, but to simply tell the other to stop pretending to be a hero. The fight only happened because of Lex Luther and really? Jesse Eisenberg as Lex? Not that he did a bad job, but I would image someone…older? This is like if Mark Zukerburg decided to become evil. A kid genius millionaire with some unknown beef against superman except for the fact that he hates that the hero is playing god. Bruce Wayne had the strangest dreams throughout the movie and it was weird because you kept thinking it was part of the movie than something strange happens and you’re like oh…it’s another dream. And for what? The dreams had no purpose! Oh and you really want to hear crazy? Wait till you see how Bruce finds out that Superman is Clark Kent. It made No. Sense. Metropolis was literally right next door to Gotham. Only a river separated the two cities, so…how is it that Superman and Batman never faced up before? The movie was…a mess…just plain and simple. It was all over the place and most of it was unnecessary…CGI was cool but…still just a mess.

Rated Pg-13 for intense sequences of violence and action throughout.

Rotten Tomatoes has this super hero fight at a 29% rotten. It was a little higher yesterday. Oh well.

Again the 15 minute fight where you actually get Batman v Superman is fun, I really enjoyed that and the next best part was the mysterious Diana Price played excellently by Gal Gadot (Furious 7, Date Night, Knight and Day) making her appearance as Wonder Woman. But again there’s only a small window of time where we get her. And also why didn’t we have a Wonder Woman story first before this? Everyone’s been waiting for that, we keep hearing talk that she’ll get her own movie but…it never happens. Anyway, listen, I’d been waiting for this movie for a long time and even with the bad reviews out there I was, still anxious to see it, that being said I know this will not sway you one way or the other to see the movie or not. Just…go with caution. Please, go with caution.