10 Cloverfield Lane


The upcoming movie trailers we get before the start of every feature can either be a great advantage or a great disadvantage. I have complained more than once about how the trailer ruined what otherwise would have been a great scene simply because we’d already seen it. Spoiler much? Or the trailer looks so great! Just so amazingly awesome that this is definitely the movie we cannot miss…only to be hit with crippling disappointment that the movie is 95% horrible and the 5% of the good stuff was what pretty much made up the trailer. Or we have a movie like 10 Cloverfield Lane. Where the trailer gives us so little to go on we are intrigued. I couldn’t even find a satisfying enough summary of the movie. When we get a teaser trailer like this we go, but with the notion that we are rolling the dice. And viola! 10 Cloverfield Lane turns into a win!

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, The Thing, Make It Happen) plays Michelle, a young woman just getting out of a relationship and is headed out to god knows where. They don’t specify that in the movie, but it doesn’t really matter because she never really makes it there. She is crashed off-road where she takes a horrible tumble that leaves her unconscious. Michelle wakes up to then find herself locked in a cell and chained to a wall. She soon makes the acquaintance of Howard played perfectly by John Goodman (The Gambler, Monsters University, Flight) who informs her that there’s been an attack and, after finding her on the side of the road, he saved her by bringing her to his Armageddon bunker. She soon finds that there’s food and water to last them 2 years at the most and they have the company of Emette; John Gallagher Jr. (The Heart Machine, Jonah Hex, Short Term 12) who had to fight his way into the bunker during the time of the attack. These three begin their 2 year term underground as they wait for the toxic air to clear, but Michelle has to wonder just how much of this apocalyptic story is true and exactly who is the man who claims to have “saved” her?

It’s not much I know, but it’s enough. These three character’s trapped in this small space were able to pull off one hell of a story so kudos to them on that! Michelle gave new meaning to the term ‘Girl Power’ , after finding herself trapped, she cries for like one minute and then the next thing you know she’s starting fires and filing her crutches into a shank all for the sake of escaping. We need more female role models like this. Emmett was the kind of harmless country guy you’d enjoy having a drink with. Properly placed as the comic relief he gave Michelle someone to conspire with. And then there’s Howard. Goodman came out on top as the very heart of this movie with Howard’s constantly changing motives and creepiness. Throughout the whole film you’re never quite sure what to think of Howard, just as Michelle you’re left wondering ‘Is he the hero?’ (He certainly likes to think he is) ‘Or is he the one they need to escape from?’ Because you’re always in this frame of questioning, because of the tension from all three with their forced living space there is never a dull moment and that’s what makes this movie shine.

Rated PG-13 for thematic material including threatening scenes, violence and some language.

Rotten Tomatoes have this suspenseful thriller at a 90% Fresh! Really, really good stuff!

10 Cloverfield Lane is a sorta sequel to 2008’s Cloverfield, which I didn’t bother seeing because at the time I was just sooo sick of found footage movies! But because it’s a different story with different characters you don’t have to see Cloverfield to enjoy this though I hear good things about it. If you have seen the first film then you know what’s in store for Michelle when she makes her way out the bunker…which gives the movie a sudden change but not particularly in a bad way. Especially not for a girl who finds a way to make a bomb from the miscellaneous items she finds on the floor of a pickup truck. Did I say we need more female role models like her? Anyway point being, see this movie. You’ve got to!