Ride Along 2


Ride Along 2 stars Ice Cube (Boyz N the Hood, Are We Done Yet?, Three Kings) and Kevin Hart (About Last Night, The Five-Year Engagement, This is the End) returning for a sequel that doesn’t bring much new from its predecessor.

In this cop comedy we have Ice Cube back as James Payton a narcotics detective who, after his cover is blown and his partner shot and sent to the hospital (all special thanks to the newest member of the police force Ben Barber played by Hart) finds that his dealer may be dealing his supply out of Miami. With an encrypted Flash Drive they make their way to Sunny Side Miami to find the hacker A.J. played by Ken Jeong (The Hangover, Zookeeper, The DUFF) who worked for crooked billionaire playboy Antonio Pope; Benjamin Bratt (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Catwoman, Miss Congeniality) to help them in their hunt. With that encrypted information they may just be able to stop the next shipment of drugs from going out and get Antonio behind bars just in time for Ben’s wedding to Jame’s sister Angela; Tika Sumpter(Get On Up, Sparkle, Think Like a Man). Annnd…yeah that’s the plot right there. Simple, right?

Olivia Munn (Deliver Us from Evil, Magic Mike, Iron Man 2) also stars as Homicide detective Maya who helps the boys on the case. She offers…I guess a love interest for James. They never went into too much detail about it which is good cause I hate when they try to force in a love story in an action comedy, however it was still strange because for the whole movie James and Maya didn’t show any hint of getting together so it’s not until the end that Maya blurts out that she will be Jame’s date for the upcoming wedding and it’s all just…seemingly out of nowhere. Another thing; the only reason James drags Ben along for this little expenditure in the first place is because he hopes to show Ben how hard it is being a detective and turn him off from the idea. Which is the exact same plot as the first movie, except then he was trying to turn him off on the idea of being a cop. Did that work in the first film? Do you think it worked in this film? There’s a lot of awkward edit cuts, especially when they first get to Miami and I’m guessing they just want to show how sexy and beautiful the city is however it comes off as clumsy. Ben and James argue, of course, throughout the whole movie and soon enough you get this feeling of wanting to take two misbehaving children, separate them and yell ‘One more peep and no one gets ice cream!’ The comedy stems from these stupid childish arguments and pretty much any harm that comes to Hart. Sooo yeah. Same as the first film.

Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence, sexual content, language and some drug material.

Rotten Tomatoes has this action/comedy at a 14% rotten. Which is 8% lower than the first film…I’m not liking those numbers at all.

Hart always comes onto the screen bursting with so much energy that sometimes it’s exhausting but in a good way! Though the movie as a whole is a dud you’ll get in a laugh or two. However is it worth spending money to get a couple of mediocre chuckles in a theater? Eh… I say stay at home and watch one of his stand up specials instead. Trust me you’ll thank me in the long run.