The Hateful 8


This weekend came the release of The Hateful 8 by Quentin Tarantino. Oh a lot of people were waiting for this one and why not? It’s Quentin Tarantino! We’re about to see something explosively controversy and explosively epic!

We have this movie broken down into chapters we start off with Major Marquis Warren; Samuel L. Jackson (The Avengers, 1408, Black Snake Moan) once a soldier in the Civil War now a bounty hunter. He’s just where he needs to be to find John Ruth; Kurt Russell (Fursious 7, Forest Gump, Vanilla Sky) making his way down the road he’s also a bounty hunter and in tow, he has Daisy Domergue played by Jennifer Jason Leigh (In the Cut, Hateship Loveship, Me) picked up for murder. After some hostile negotiating Ruth allows Warren onto his carriage to head with him to the town of Red Rock. Soon after they meet up with Chris Mannix; Walton Goggins (Lincoln, Cowboys & Aliens, The Architect) who also needs a ride another hostile negotiation ensues and soon he’s on the carriage as well where he reveals that he’s headed to Red Rock to become the new Sheriff. With a blizzard close behind them they take refuge at Minnie’s Haberdashery an Inn that’s just on the way to Red Rock where they meet several more characters Bob who’s taking care of the Inn while Minnie’s away, Oswaldo Mobary the new Hangman for Red Rock, Joe Gage a customer just passing through, General Sandy Smither’s another contribution of the Civil War fighting on the opposite side of Major Warren of course. In that order they are played by Dermian Bichir (American Visa, A Better Life, Sex Shame & Tears), Tim Roth (Broken, Funny Games, Selma), Michael Madsen (The Ninth Cloud, Infected, Dirty Little Trick) and Bruce Ben (The Hole, The Astronaut Farmer, The Hard Easy). There’s also O.B. Jackson the driver of John’s carriage played by James Parks (Kill Bill: Vol 1, $pent, Red State) but he’s not very important though I will say he’s the most likable of the group (although they are supposed to be hated, hence the title). So with the oncoming blizzard all these people find themselves stuck in Minnie’s Haberdashery till the storm clears but after a couple of sudden deaths tension’s run high and we find that not everyone is as they say they are…

So let’s start off with this: Those random gay rape scenes really throw me off guard but not anymore! From now on I’m just going to go into these Tarantino movies knowing that it is very possible that I’m going to see a gay rape scene. Why just throw that in there? Why throw us off guard like that? We’re enjoying a nice lovely little story, then it goes a little weird then it goes way off the tracks! Maybe it’s a shock factor he’s going for? Tarantino want’s to be sure we are really, REALLY paying attention, I don’t know. But it’s a shock factor that really works. Really well! Prepare yourself for it. Anyway the story of The Hateful 8 is told in a masterful way the script is fantastic and through conversation we get the dreadful back story of Major Warren, the suspicions of Bob and what happened with the missing Minnie, we have a lot of convenient coincidences the new Sheriff of Red Rock and the Hang Man of Red Rock stranded together and other little things that just get your brain ticking. I loved the Chapter titled Domergue’s Secret where it played out like an Agatha Christie Mystery which was pretty fun, but then there’s that dash of Tarantino so there’s blood, guts and cursing galore. What a world it would it be if Agatha and Quentin really did write a mystery together!

Rated R for strong bloody violence, a scene of violent sexual content, language and some graphic nudity.

The Hateful 8 is at a 74% fresh! Really good stuff.

Tarantino is a fantastic story-teller and his work behind the camera is always something to be admired. I could do without all the bloody violence, but that’s just me. Top notch acting and there is some slight though dark humor, but all in all not a bad movie. Personally I just need to see it the one time and that’s enough, but please do see it that one time. It’s quite a sight to see!