The Intern


The simple lesson here is: No matter the age, you’re always learning. Pretty straight forward right? At least that’s what the tagline leads us to believe in the new release of The Intern starring Robert De Niro (Meet the Fockers, Mistress, The Godfather: Part II) and Anne Hathaway (Get Smart, Love and Other Drugs, Interstellar). The reason I bring this up is because the title, the tagline and the trailers that I’ve seen for this movie have led me to believe that an old man would be coming back to work in a business world for a new generation and he’d have to learn the ropes all over again. But that’s not what we get at all with this feel good film.

Mr. De Niro play’s Ben Whittaker a kind widower who finds himself bored with retirement and anxious to fill that dull void in his life. When he happens upon a flyer that is seeking an internship for an online company for seniors over the age of 65 he thinks this may just be the thing he needs to bring some excitement back into his routine. The online fashion company called About the Fit is run by Hathaway’s character Jules Ostin today’s model of a business woman complete with a husband and kid. At 19 she started About the Fit and grew it into a powerhouse fashion, shopping website which seemed to take on a life of its own overnight. To say she’s a little overworked is an understatement. Ben is hired to bring in the perspective of the older community and made to work with Jules to help ease her workload as well. Of course she’s not happy with this in the slightest, but you know the story they get to know each other, Ben charmingly wins over everyone’s heart and before you know it, the intern becomes the inter…ner or whatever. You know what I’m trying to say. And yes, maybe this is extremely cliché but somehow still done in a fun attention keeping way!

What really won it over for me was the excellent cast, which also includes Anders Holm (Unexpected, The Interview) and Adam DeVine (Pitch Perfect, Neighbors) both of whom I adore, Holm plays Matt Ostin Jules’s husband and DeVine playing Jason an employee of Jules. In the movie Whittaker ends up helping out nearly everyone with great advice or admirable charity and with him holding the reigns and leading the movie, it was hard to hate him or anyone he came across in the film. It’s a really good thing when you find yourself loving all the characters on-screen. I know it wasn’t meant to be cute, but seeing him and his old school sense of business clash with today’s view of business was adorable though I’m sure it was supposed to make a much more stronger statement than ‘cute’. However the story does take on a challenging course, when Jules find’s her family falling apart and has to make the decision to allow a CEO to take over her business to salvage her life or stay her own boss. And Ben helps her out…of course.

Rated PG-13 for suggestive content and brief strong language.

As of right now The Intern is at a 57% on the meter. Personally I think it deserves better.

It’s a charming movie and regardless on how you feel going in you’re going to walk out loving it if even just a little. The cast is great, the story stays at a great pace never leaving you bored and you have some fun laughs with it too. (I mean it’s Adam DeVine! Of course you’ll laugh!) The older crowd who were in the theater kept cheering whenever Ben did something that was classic old school business, like setting two alarm clocks, taking out his calculator, they would actually cheer with the word ‘Throwback’ when he did stuff like this, it was awesome! I enjoyed this immensely. If you’re looking for something that makes you smile, this comes highly recommended.