Sinister 2

sinister 2


Sinister 2, how I waited on pins and needles for the second chapter of the infamous Sinister, which freaked the crap out of everyone back in 2012. The first film was creepy, with just the right kind of scary and left us with such a shocking morbid ending that I was left wondering how will this sequel follow that up? The answer: Not very well.

We have a mother on the run, Courtney Collins played by Shannyn Sossaman (The End of Love, One Missed Call, The Day), with her two boys, Dylan and Zach played by Robert Sloan (Hero of the Day, Chronicles of a Love Unfound) and Dartanian Sloan (Life’s an Itch, Hick) in the hopes of escaping her abusive husband. Little does she know that the house she’s found to hide away in was the home of a murdered family. Or rather she does know that, what she doesn’t know is that the family was the latest victim of the demon Bughuul.

Pause for a quick recap! We remember the first film right? And how Baghull snatches his victims? He get’s the kids to kill the family therefore tainting the child’s soul so that he can eat it up!

The young boy Milo played by Lucas Zumann (Sense8 *Series) was Bughuul’s most recent snack so it’s up to him to break in the new recruit as he tries to get Zach to turn against his family. Then there’s Deputy So&So…yes that’s the character’s name played by James Ransone (Kristy, Red Hook Summer, Oldboy) ….or should I say ex-Deputy. If you remember from the first film he was the friend of the now late Ellison Oswalt. Since then he’s been discharged and pretty much spends his free time doing private eye investigations and when he’s not doing that he’s searching for Bughuul’s old haunts and torching the places down to stop the cycle. He finds Courtney and her boys at the last house and knows that he’s only got a limited time to find a way to stop the soul eating demon before Zach becomes the next addition to Bughuul’s kiddie posse.

What we get with Sinister 2 that we did not get with its predecessor is the look at how Bughuul and the ghost children try to get the other kids to do the slaying. You want to know how they do it? Pretty much the kids tell everyone, ‘Look at my movie.’ ‘This one is my favorite.’ ‘This one’s mine.’ and showing continuous snuff movies on how they killed their families. It’s almost like it’s a competition to find out who can come up with the most elaborate way to kill their family. By the time I say the reel titled ‘Fishing Trip’ which is almost laughable at how incredulous it is I was done with the horror home-made movie bit. Milo seriously reminded me of Malachai from Children of the Corn…actually almost all the kids had a Children of the Corn type feel to them, you know murderous children and all. Not to mention near the end when they are literally in a cornfield…could that have been done on purpose…? The ghost kids also had a lot more dialog which made them not as scary and mysterious as the first film. The same could be said about Bughuul, not that he said anything but he was seen in the film so much that he didn’t seem scary anymore. Some parts he wasn’t even trying to be scary…he was just there. Just watching. Creepy, yes, but not scary.

Don’t get me started on Deputy So&So. Uhg could we have picked a more lamer hero for the film!? That whole awkward blundering around comedy relief thing was great for the few minutes of screen time that he had in the first film but not here where his part was bigger and we’re supposed to be expecting him to save this family. He seriously annoyed me and I do not get seriously annoyed easily. And maybe I could have lived with these discrepancies of the film had it not been for the grand f-up’s of all f-up’s. Bughuul’s “origin”.

Here’s the short version of it…you know what? No. I’m getting upset just thinking about it and I will not go into detail. Just know it has something to do with an old timey ham radio, a piano playing some creepy song and a little girl talking in Swedish. Swedish! None of which has anything to do with anything that happened in the first film!? The whole idea was out of left field and I will never forgive them for that.

Rated R for strong violence, bloody and disturbing images, and language.

Rotten Tomatoes has this film at a 13% rotten…this could have been so good too….

I think those who aren’t fans of the first film by that I mean never saw the first film might enjoy this. Watching the first installment helps, but is not a necessity. I don’t know….or maybe…just skip this all together? Hey, that’s a great idea! Let’s pretend this sequel never happened! The first film ended just as terrifyingly awesome as we remember and this train wreck never happened! There you see, I’m actually doing you a favor. This way you don’t end up leaving the theater completely puzzled grumbling “What was up with that ham radio and…why the heck Sweden!!!??”