Inside Out

inside out

Another Pixar release! Who’s excited? Cause I’m excited! Mainly because I’ve been aware of Inside Out for a long time, but never quite understood what was the plot based on the trailers I’d seen. So it was always kind of a mystery to me.

Mystery solved. Inside Out tells the story of eleven year old Riley voiced by Kaitlyn Dias (The Shifting) and the emotions in her head, Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger. Voiced by, in that order Amy Poehler (They Came Together, Are You Here, Free Birds) Phyllis Smith (Bad Teacher, Butter, The Office *Series) Mindy Kaling (This is the End, No Strings Attached, The Five Year Engagement) Bill Hader (The Skeleton Twins, 22 Jump Street, The To Do List) and Lewis Black (Afghan Luke, Man of the Year, The Night We Never Met). Joy leads the emotions in their everyday job of making Riley…Riley. But when a sudden move from her hometown in Minnesota to San Francisco places Riley in a new environment her emotions go haywire! Thank goodness Joy keeps everyone in line with her relentless positivity in seeing the good in every downside. But on an embarrassing first day of school a major accident happens leaving Riley missing her two most important emotions. Sadness and Joy. Being booted from the control room with some of Riley’s most precious memories Joy and Sadness must make a trip through the young girls mind to get back home. But with only Fear, Anger and Disgust to lead, Riley slowly begins to lose her personality, such as her goals, characteristics, hobby’s even morals. Joy and Sadness must make it back into the control room before Riley does something drastic!

Wow. Stakes are high. I could only hope if my emotions were lost somewhere in my brain they’d rush back to the control room to save me from making life altering decisions. It’s a strange story, but you learn real quick that this type of movie isn’t for me or anyone in my age bracket. It’s colorful, it’s exciting, it’s bouncing off the walls and making us laugh! You find the dangerous room where thoughts become abstract before disappearing completely. You find that your dreams are actually created in a dream movie studio directed by little germ people. You’re imaginary friend from when you were little still hangs around looking over your memories, hoping you’ll remember him. And your worst fears are locked away in some…bad thoughts dungeon or whatever and you just better hope that Joy and Sadness don’t accidentally let it out! And of course Pixar did not skimp on the emotions of the movie, which is why we love them so.

However I’ll say it, not their best work. Joy was annoying and a little bit bossy to Sadness, a lot of times in the film I felt like I needed to stand up for her! There was a scene where Riley is sneaking money from her mom’s purse and her mom turns around just in time and somehow…doesn’t see her daughter standing there with her debit card in her hand! Next scene, Riley has successfully escaped. Does her mom have selective blindness or something? And I think it’s just because the whole premise was sooo baby-ish. Like Imagination-land and the Thought Choo-Choo Train and Cloud City. I think Joy and Sadness might have crossed over Sesame Street and passed by Gullah Gullah Island too. Again it’s not for my generation but I’m still very surprised because I’ve never seen Pixar lower the age range so low. Or maybe I’m just getting old…uhg…where’s my little Joy person when I need her?

Rated PG for mild thematic elements and some action.

Rotten Tomatoes has Inside Out at a 98% Fresh! Pixar does it again!

Again a little too baby-ish for my taste, but the kid’s will love it! It’s a bright, exciting, adventure that will hold their tiny attention spans for the one hour and thirty minutes that’s promised. Try not to get too dewy eyed toward the end. That, my friend, is a fair warning.