Jurassic World

Jurrasic world


This week we get the release of Jurassic World and might I say it’s about time! Growing up with the Jurassic Park franchise I’d been on pin’s and needles waiting for this movie! Those freaking Raptors…get me every time.

Now lets stop to think about all the past Jurassic Park films and compare it to this new release, lets see a bigger scarier dinosaur attraction to bring in the crowd: Check. Said bigger, scarier attraction getting loose and raising all sorts of hell: Check. Kids, unsupervised getting lost during the hell rising: Check. Gigantic dinosaur showdown finale: double-check. Trust me, you’ve seen it all before, but hey, when the formula works why change it?

In this monster of a movie we have Claire played by Bryce Dallas Howard (The Help, Book of Love, 50/50) a top business woman who keeps Jurassic World running smoothly. She’s working with Dr. Henry Wu played by BD Wong (White Frog, Focus, Law and Order SVU *Series) in creating a new kind of dinosaur since the T Rex is, for some reason, no longer a crowd pleaser. Spliced together with two different types of dinosaurs and some other animals, I won’t go into detail about, makes this predator, not only deadlier but also somehow smarter meaning it can actually learn from its environment. Before bringing this new attraction to the audience they want dino-trainer Owen; Chris Pratt (Her, 10 Years, Jennifer’s Body) to work with her and get her ready to be the main attraction. However this dinosaur’s got some tricks up her sleeve and…well you can guess what happens right? She escapes! (Duh.) And just in time for Claire’s estranged nephew’s Gray and Zach played by Ty Simpkins (War of the Worlds, Insidious, The Next Three Days) and Nick Robinson (The Kings of Summer, Frenemies,) to visit!

So there you have it! The classic Jurassic formula that we’ve had since 1993, again if it ain’t broke why fix it? So the kid’s Gray and Zach aren’t too annoying, Claire unfortunately is (A scene comes to mind where she couldn’t handle flies buzzing around her. You work in the world’s most deadliest zoo and you get worked up over a fly? Really?) and Owen as a Raptor trainer? That, I like. Don’t change a thing. Chris Pratt was pretty hot in this role! But naturally the main course is those dinosaurs getting loose that’s exactly what we’re all waiting for from the opening credits! And the CGI: freakin’ amazing!

Vincent D’onofrio (Broken Horses, The Judge, Happy Accidents) makes his way into the movie as Hoskins. A military man who wants to use the Raptors that Owen has trained for use in the army. Cause there’s absolutely no way that could ever go wrong. He’s the bad-guy of the film, but even as a fat jerk with stupid ideas I still love D’onofrio! I just do! So it was awesome to see him in this film. Some fun nods to the original movie when Zach and Gray stumble onto the ruins of Jurassic Park which I thought was pretty cool. Any Jurassic fan will say the same.

Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of science-fiction violence and peril.

Rotten Tomatoes has this fun adventure at a 70% fresh! Not bad, but I think it deserves better.

A lot of other reviews are saying that the two dimensional characters and boring script is what damaged the movie. And yes, I can see that. There’s a scene where Gray tells his older brother that their parents are getting a divorce and it’s a big deal at the moment and then…we never hear about it again. Seemed forced and unnecessary. But if you stop to think about it…and if you’re truly honest with yourself, like truly, than you can admit that you don’t go to see this movie for the characters and their little side stories or whatever. You go for the same reason you’ve always gone, for the dinosaurs and that Jurassic formula that never ceases to entertain!