Pitch Perfect 2


So, this weekend we had the release of Pitch Perfect 2 which continues the story of the college a cappella group The Bellas as they struggle with the burdens of love, friendship, the future after graduating, really awesome singing and a lot of fun hilarity!

Let’s bring out The Bellas we have Beca, Fat Amy, new arrival Emily, Chloe, Aubrey, Stacie, Lily, Cynthia Rose, Flo annnd…probably some other people…I don’t know it’s a big group. Played by (in that order) Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air, Into the Woods, Life after Beth), Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb) Hailee Steinfeld (Ender’s Game, Begin Again, True Grit), Brittany Snow (Hairspray, 96 Minutes, Would You Rather), Anna Camp (The Help, Goodbye to All That, Autumn Wanderer), Alexis Knapp (Project X, Grace, So Undercover), Hana Mae Lee (Eli’s Liquor Store, Pitch Perfect), Ester Dean (Rio, Rio 2, Ice Age: Continental Drift), Chrissie Fit (Sake-Bomb, Filly Brown).

In the second film, we have The Bella’s return with a huge show, the audience, including our President and First Lady but when and incident happens which results with Fat Amy showing her *ahem* goodies for all the world to see its lands the girls in some very serious trouble. Like no more school performances and suspension. At this time Emily is just arriving on campus with her mother Kathrine played by Katey Sagal (Married With Children *series, Jack and the Beanstalk, I’m Reed Fish) who used to be a Bella herself back in the early eighties. Annoyingly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Emily is ready to follow in her mother’s footsteps and carry on the legacy. Beca on the other hand finds herself branching away from the Bellas as she takes on an internship at a record company trying to prepare for her future. Still the group carries on, yet somehow each step forward only ends with disastrous yet always funny results till the Bella’s find they are in danger of losing their group for good. Their last chance is to perform at the International a cappella competition, but in order to win it, they’ll have to work together to find their rhythm.

This movie was bursting with great songs and hilarity! My personal favorite was the back and forth between the hosts John and Gail played by John Michel Higgens (Yes Man, Bad Teacher, Tell) and Elizabeth Banks (Zach and Miri Make a Porno, The Hunger Games, Walk of Shame) whom, might I add, also directed this film and did a great job at it. I should point out I never saw the first Pitch Perfect so I can’t do a comparison, but I can say the first does not have to be seen to enjoy the second.

Rated PG-13 for innuendo and language.

Rotten tomatoes have this musical film at a 69% fresh! Great numbers!

There’s a lot more I’d like to say about the film, but I think the points across. It’s good. Really good. Maybe too good. I have this horrible, terrible…foreboding feeling…that Pitch Perfect is just one small step away from being the next…Bring it On…dun dun DUUUUN!!! In five years should we be expecting Pitch Perfect 13: Pitching it Again!? For the sake of leaving a good sequel as is, let’s hope not.