Hot Pursuit

Hot pursuit

Back on track again to review the action/comedy starring Reese Witherspoon (Wild, Legally Blonde, Four Christmases) and Sofia Vergara (Four Brothers, The Smurfs,Escape from Planet Earth) which at first glance, with these two leading females, you think would come with a butt-load of laughs. You would think, right? Instead we get mediocre laughs with a story that doesn’t quite make sense.

In Hot Pursuit Reese stars as officer Cooper a straight-laced cop who knows the rules and police scanner codes by heart as she demonstrates the ENTIRE movie. Her father was a great cop and Cooper has always wanted to follow in his footsteps, however after a certain incident involving the misuse of her Taser on the Mayor’s son she’s disgraced the family’s name. But her luck starts to change when her boss sets her up on a partnership with detective Jackson played by Richard Jones (Collateral, Hear No Evil, The Last Letter) to retrieve the two main witnesses in a drug ring run by drug lord Vicente Cortez played by Joaquin Cosio (The Perfect Dictatorship, A Night in Old Mexico, Cantinflas). Bring in Ms. Vergara as Daniella Riva in all her tall, angry, beauty, not too thrilled about her husband’s idea of testifying and then disappearing into witness protection. But when two sets of gunmen raid the house, killing Daniella’s husband and Detective Jackson both women are forced to quickly flee the scene! But Officer Cooper is not giving up on her mission. It is her job to get Daniella to Dallas to testify against Vicente Cortez and by-God she’s gonna do it even if it kills them both.

From here the story turns into a crazy road trip complete with drug smugglers and dirty cops hot on the mismatched duo’s tail! It sounds like the perfect ingredients for an adventure filled comedy. Right? So where did it go so wrong? The answer is from jokes that were corny and filled with forced laughs, Witherspoon’s character with her horrible country accent speaking so shrill and fast it gave the effect of chewing tin foil. Vergara, her acting was a little stale, unconvincingly like, and her script was filled with nothing but angry whining and just like that we get that chewing tin foil effect again! Somewhere along the road someone decided they should force a little love story in their with Officer Cooper and some guy who sleeps in his truck which came off as weird and unbelievable. A lot of times I found myself speaking to the screen, ‘Well why didn’t they just do this…?’ ‘How could they miss that…?’ and ‘Are you serious…???’

I love both Witherspoon and Vergara but I do not feel like this was a movie they really cared to take seriously. And unfortunately it shows. A lot.

Rated PG-13 for sexual content, violence, language and some drug material.

Rotten Tomatoes have given this comedy caper a 6% Rotten.That’s very, very rotten…

This could have been really good. I really think the story was just a little off…maybe more than a little. So much more could have been done with the use of these two leading ladies, however what we got is another cliché chick flick that is unfunny and very forced. If you want to see it, be my guest. Go to a theater where they serve alcohol though. It might help.