*Hidden Gem* Attack the Block

attack the block

It’s been awhile since I’ve found you a hidden gem. This one in particular not my first choice but after being told more than once and from several different people to give this movie a try, I finally did. And I’m happy with the results!

Attack the Block follows a small gang of teenagers Biggz played by Simon Howard (Green Street 3: Never Back Down), Dennis played by Franz Drameh (Edge of Tomorrow, Hereafter, Now is Good), Jerome played by Leeon Jones (Attack the Block), Pest played by Alex Esmail (Payback Season, Strippers Vs. Werewolves, Northern Soul) and their leader Moses played by John Boyega (Half of a Yellow Sun, Junkhearts, Imperial Dreams). Just an ordinary night on the block they’ve just finished mugging a poor young woman when suddenly something crashes to earth just before them! After the something attacks Moses and makes a run for it the boys follow it and make quick work of beating it to death. Feeling pretty good about themselves the boys then proceed to parading the thing through their neighborhood before locking it away to figure out what it is and what to do with it.

However the victory is short-lived when more of the things begin to fall from the sky and they turn out to be bigger and fiercer than the first one! Soon it becomes quite clear they’re under a full-blown alien invasion, but we learn fast that young inner city gangs do not like to back down from anything. Even aliens! So it becomes an all out war to save their block from invasion! The gang gets a little help from the young woman they mugged earlier Sam, played by Jodie Whittaker (One Day, Hello Carter, The Kid) and the local drug dealers, Brewis played by Luke Treadaway (Tonight You’re Mine, Get Lucky, Heartless) and Ron played by Nick Frost (Hot Fuzz, Snow White and the Huntsman, Cuban Fury). There’s also the head drug dealer Hi-Hatz played by Jumayen Hunter (Unfinished Song, The Hybrid, Eden Lake) who has some anger issues with Moses and takes to hunting them while they hunt the aliens. So you know there’s a lot going on to make this a busy night.

What I can say for certain about this movie is that it keeps you exactly where it wants you at all times. Never once a dull moment. It starts at a fast pace and stays that way the whole film through. Everyone who told me about the movie had only good things to say about it. And it is great, I did like it, but here’s my issue which I’m sure is the same issue for any movie junkie out there; It’s very hard to really enjoy a movie when you don’t like most of the main characters. Sam was great, Brewis and Ron were hilarious and the two pint-size wanna be gang members Probs and Mayhem played by Sammy Williams (Wild Bill) and Michael Ajao (Attack the Block) were so cute!

But everyone else just annoyed me however, Moses did redeem himself a little bit at the end so I guess I grew to like his character, but everyone else I can take them or leave them. Take away that small issue and you’ll find you truly do have a fun adventure sci-fi here.

Rated R for creature violence, drug content and pervasive language.

Rotten tomatoes have this gem at a 90% fresh! Love those numbers! 

It’s kind of like Super 8 except with street kids and they’re in London. Which reminds me, the strong accent shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but you may want to put on English subtitles just so you get everything. The movie is worth the watch at least once. It keeps you glued in the whole time; you definitely won’t get bored with it. And who knows, by the time the credits start you’ll find yourself cheering for those inner city kids as well. And it’s about time they won, don’t you think?