Hot Tub Time Machine 2


Five years ago director Steve Pink gave us Hot Tub Time Machine a stupid yet fun movie filled with a stupid yet hilarious cast. On February 20th Hot Tub Time Machine 2 came out where someone decided let’s remove the funny and this time just go for stupid.

In this sequel the original cast of Lou; Rob Corddry (Warm Bodies, Muppets Most Wanted, The Way Way Back) Nick; Craig Robinson (Get On Up, This Is The End, Father of Invention) and Jacob; Clark Duke (Greek, The Croods, Kick-Ass 2) return to go boldly where no man has ever been before. Back in time! Following the first film Lou is still running a powerhouse business called Lougle after stealing the idea of Google. However the company is falling on some hard times, but you know Lou, he could care less. He only cares about the next big party. Nick is also struggling, you remember with his trip to the past, he ripped off a bunch of popular songs claiming them as his own? Now he finds himself beginning to become a has-been in the music industry. Jacob just want’s a little bit of his own success and for his dad to stop treating him like a butler.

It’s the night of Lou’s flashy extravagant party he goes in to make his big speech, then just as it ends someone shoots him in the balls! Like with a gun. In a last minute attempt to save Lou, Nick and Jacob do the more sensible thing two men like them would do. No, not call an ambulance, instead they drag Lou into a secret chamber where their magical hot tub resides and then take him back in time to before he get’s shot!

Or at least they mean to. Something happens, I forget what, or it makes too little sense for me to explain where instead of them going back in time they instead are sent to an alternate future where Jacob is the new owner of Lougle, Nick is a complete sell out and Lou…well Lou’s just Lou I guess. Are you still with me? If not that’s okay because I barely kept up myself. Anyway the plot unfolds where someone in this alternate future went back to the time of Lou’s shooting to do the deed themselves. And the boys gotta find out who before Lou disappears forever.

Gosh it’s been so long since I saw the first film It’s hard for me to do a comparison so I won’t try very hard to do so. What I can tell you about the first is whenever there was a funny moment it was genuine and when you laughed you laughed like you were supposed to. Whereas with the sequel you kinda get the same joke throughout the movie or they’ll throw in something completely juvenile and dumb and you’ll find your laugh coming off as unsure and a little forced. Don’t get me wrong, you get one or two genuine laughs in there, but while they are enjoyable they’re short lived. You’ll notice that one of the original hot tubers is missing. Well he’s been replaced by Adam Jr. played by Adam Scott(The Guilt Trip, The Aviator, Step Brothers) Adam’s abandoned son, who’s extremely sweet and happy and wants to join the boys in their quest to save Lou. Of course he gets mentally screwed throughout the movie and his downward spiral is a little funny I admit.

This movie of course is not for everyone. The fans of the previous movie will find it’s hardly for them too. But go into Hot Tube Time Machine 2 after seeing the first and knowing good and well that you’re about to sit through: two hours of crude senseless humor. There was an older couple in there who, I’m sure, just came to the theater to see a movie not caring which movie just wanted to see something…I don’t know maybe they thought it would be their kind of humor. A scene where Nick and Lou get roped into a futuristic game show and are forced into a compromising gay scene made them rush out the theater. admittedly that was also a little bit funny.

Rated R for crude sexual content and language throughout, graphic nudity, drug use, and some violence.

Rotten tomatoes have this crazy time travel comedy at a 14% rotten which falls exceptionally short of the first films 63% fresh.

I do not recommend wasting money to see this in theaters. If you loved the first and you’re dying to see the second, please, PLEASE wait for its release at Redbox or Netflix. I promise the wait will not be long. And might I recommend using this movie for a drinking game? Where every time you hear the same joke repeated you take a shot. Then eventually the movie might actually start to become funny.