Fifty Shades of Gray

Fifty Shades

Fifty Shades of Grey comes to us just in time for Valentines Day! In this steamy film, we are given a romance film containing bondage, domination and a little bit of S&M, ooohhh.

In the beginning of the film we have our main character Anastasia Steele, or Ana for short, played by Dakota Johnson (Need for Speed, 21 Jump Street, The Social Network) on her way to interview the mysterious Christian Grey played by Jamie Dornan (Marie Antoinette, Shadows in the Sun, Flying Home) a young billionaire with a dark past. Between Anastasia’s awkward shyness and Christian’s intimidating, sexy-ness somehow a connection is formed and so begins Christian’s pursuit of the down to earth good girl Ana. With this pursuit comes a contract which entails that all acts of sex, domination, bondage, whips, plugs, handcuffs all that good stuff (not that I know, mind you) must be made a confidential agreement between the two. Basically he’s being gentleman enough to ask permission first.

As you can imagine the contract is a little intimidating and Ana takes her sweet time making her decision. But Christian has little patience and begins trying to speed up Ana’s decision by giving her various tastes of just what she’s missing out on. As they continue on this steamy escalating romance, Christian begins breaking some of the rules he himself set up, such as never sleep in the same bed together, no dates such as dinner and a movie, no parent meeting so on and so forth. And the reason for all this rule breaking is pretty obvious isn’t it? However the more questions Ana has about the troubled billionaires past the more she gets sucked into his kinky world, and she doesn’t exactly like what she finds.

I must say this: even as a female I wasn’t expecting to like the movie. But I did. It wasn’t great, there were a lot of boring scenes, cheesy lines, and cliche-ness but that usually comes with the romance genre. But it didn’t completely suck. I was walking into what I thought was another crappy Twilight storyline without the vampires, but it wasn’t like that (too much). For instance, I actually liked the main female character here. Dakota Johnson did a great job of breathing life into Ana making her enjoyable and somewhat relatable. And Jamie Dornan was impressive as Christian…very impressive. 

There are a few hang-ups in the movie of course. For someone who’s into dominating Christian comes off as more of a submissive as he chases pitilessly after Ana trying to get her to sign this contract. We even have a few creepy scenes, like how he stole her contact information, how he always knows where she is at all times and he just pops up cause he’s just Christian, freaking, Grey. I think he has her cell phone bugged or something…still though. Again it can drag, Ana takes both entitlements as the leading female character and the comic relief,…when it’s intentional anyway, and the corny meter is pretty high.

Rotten Tomatoes has this sexy flick at a 26% rotten…I think it’s gotten lower since I last checked.

Rated R (duh) for strong sexual content including dialogue, unusual behavior and graphic nudity and for language.

Again I was surprised in a good way. I thought I was going into nothing but sex, but underneath the sex and the bondage and whips and spankings there’s just a spark of romance wrapped up in a pretty bow. I myself have never read any of the books, the girlfriends I went with have though and unfortunately if you have read the books you may be disappointed. According to them the book was a lot more sexier! I am going to recommend this movie for any man who has a date night coming up. You might not like the movie, but you will enjoy the aftereffects. Again just a woman’s perspective.