The Boy Next Door

the boy next door

I was really nervous about this one…I really was. After all the bull-crap romantic comedies starring Jennifer Lopez (Maid in Manhattan, Out of Sight, An Unfinished Life) I didn’t know if this would be good or bad. But then again that’s part of the mystery right? And anyway this is not another J-Lo rom-com. Instead we’re given a sexy suspense thriller that keeps you trained to the screen the whole nine yards.

In this movie Ms. Lopez plays Claire Peterson a teacher at a high school, depressed, going through a separation after her husband Garrett Peterson played by John Corbett (The Messengers, I Hate Valentines Day, Sex and The City 2) has an affair with his secretary. Her and her son Kevin played by Ian Nelson (The Hunger Games, Alone Yet Not Alone, The Judge) are trying to get over the betrayal and become a family again. In comes Noah Sandborn played frighteningly good by Ryan Guzman, a senior in high school who’s just moved in next door to help his ailing great-uncle with his upcoming operation. He’s a sweet guy who takes a liking to Clair and her son and they become fast friends. However his liking towards Clair heightens to dangerous levels that bursts at the seams during one exceptionally hot night together and that forbidden line between teacher and student is crossed. Let the dramatics begin!

The movie then takes a dark turn when after Clair explains their night as a horrible mistake Noah becomes more unstable, more obsessed, and much more dangerous.

The Boy Next Door was somehow both good and bad. To be blunt I liked it a lot but it was insanely obvious. The beginning sums up everything in a neat package. The affair, the separation, and Clair’s uncertainty to completely go through with the divorce. Clair’s best friend is Vicky Lansing played by Kristin Chenweth (Hit and Run, You Again, Rio 2) who’s the typical over-sexual friend trying to force the other back into the dating game.

The best thing about this film was all the sexual tension splashed throughout the hour and a half running time. The acting was really good and with this type of film the audiences attention will always be caught. However it’s all predictable from beginning to end. The forbidden love affair that’s gone too far has been done one too many times and we love it cause it’s juicy but when you can guess everything it kind of numbs suspense down. Oh well.

The Boy Next Door is rated R for violence, sexual content/nudity and language.

Rotten Tomatoes has given this film a 13% rotten. That’s gotta hurt!

However don’t let the grade cloud your judgment. It’s not exactly something I’d say rush to go see there are still other movies that are way better than this out right now. But it’s still an exciting movie in more ways than one. Take a date or a really, really good friend and have yourself a good time.