Blackhat, starring Chris Hemsworth (The Cabin in the Woods, Thor, Star Trek *2009) is one of those movies where you think it’s going to be a snooze fest but you go into the theater and after only fifteen minutes you realize; ‘Only fifteen minutes have gone by!? Omg, this is a snoozefest!’

In this cyber-crime thriller Mr. Hemsworth plays Nick Hathaway once a computer programmer and an even better hacker who finds himself serving 13 years for a series of unfortunate incidents. When a terrorist attack destroys a factory in China it is discovered by an old college roommate in China Intelligence that the deed was done by a hacker that used pieces of a computer code created by Hathaway from back in the day. Oh my god! What a coincidence! This college roommate is Chen Dawai played by Leehom Wang (Lust Caution, Beginning of the Great Revival, Chinese Zodiac) who goes to the FBI to inform them that because of this one-in-a-million-chance Hathaway needs to be released from jail to help them on this case. Dawai brings along his sister Chen Lien played by Wei Tang (Dragon, Man-choo)  because she’s a really good computer programmer too…I guess. And because if he didn’t bring her there would be no one hot enough to play the main character’s love interest…I guess.

So with the desperation to find the terrorist hacker and stop him before he strikes again Hathaway is released with the condition that he only uses computers with the supervision and approval of his FBI escorts and the security of a tracking ankle bracelet. However early on they pretty much just stop caring since Nick is everywhere on his own and just uses computers and mobile devices throughout the movie whenever he pleases. So tell me what you expect from your typical action/thriller and I can guarantee you Blackhat had it. Humanity’s last hope criminal who’s a bad guy but then is really a good guy who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Check. The unnecessary sex scene with the side-kick hot female character who loves danger? Check. SWAT team chasing a criminal into a sure-fire trap? Check. Gun shoot-offs and everyone whom you could guess is going to die within their introduction in the movie actually dying? Check. I think the only thing missing from this genre was a car chase. I guess it dawned on Director Michael Mann that he should probably add a twist in there to throw us off guard on the inevitable cliche-ness.

There was a scene where there’s a huge gun fight and the films lighting kind of changes for a minute giving it a look of something that should have gone directly to video instead of the big screen. Though that could have been the fault of the theater I went to. However one thing we cannot blame on the theater is the shaky camera movement whenever anyone is on the run. For a few moments there I wondered if this were actually a found-footage film.

Rated R for violence and language.

As of right now Rotten Tomatoes has this action/thriller at a 31% rotten. Oh look, it’s doing better than I thought.

There’s honestly a lot more negative feedback I can say about this movie but I think you get the picture. If it wasn’t completely cliché then it was either useless or a ‘Wth?’ moment. I would not recommend this movie unless you’re kinda strange and you like to go to movie theaters to nap. I feel like I could have taken a nap instead of finishing watching this movie. But instead I just sat there…trying to be interested, all the while thinking; Is it over yet…? Is it over yet…? Is it over yet…? Is it over yet…?