Movies like Selma always give me that feeling of dread. As an african-american movies like this come with a history that I have to know, these types of movies always make me wish to live just one day back in that time just to really see what it was like first-hand. Then I think to myself ‘Are you crazy!?’ but you gotta wonder. And this movie here gives us a lot to think about.

This stunning film stars David Oyelowo (The Butler, Red Tails, Lincoln) as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. our leading activist in the Civil Rights Movement. He along with thousands of others are still reeling from the recent 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing in which four little girls were killed in Birmingham Alabama. However Dr. King finds other matters that are just as pressing in Selma Alabama, when African-American’s are being refused their rights to vote. In Washington state President Lyndon Johnson played by Tom Wilkinson (Valkyrie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Black Knight) Informs Dr. King that he simply has too much on his plate and cannot offer his support at the time. So it’s off to Selma to rally the people and gain their rights. In doing this Dr. King leads an unforgettable campaign through the dangerous south from Selma to Alabama’s state capitol Montgomery for a five-day 54 mile march.

As much as movies like Selma fill me with dread and horror from our past’s mistakes I also have to love these stories of courage that do nothing short but inspire and give hope to our future. And this film did just that. The acting was fantastic and Mr. Oyelowo seems to really be making a name for himself! As of late you can’t find him making a movie that isn’t an award-winning film. Very impressive! We also have Oprah Winfrey (The Color Purple, Beloved, The Oprah Winfrey Show) playing Annie Lee Cooper a Civil Rights activist best known for punching real life Sheriff Jim Clark before being repeatedly beaten down by the sheriff’s club. And the fantastic performance as Coretta King is given by Carmen Ejoga (Perfume, The Purge Anarchy, The Brave One). You’ll also find Cuba Gooding Jr. playing Fred Gray another Civil Rights activist; a lawyer best known for his involvement in getting the walk legalized so that no harm could come to the campaign. Also Nigel Thatch (L.A. Twister, The Players Club) who plays Malcolm X, fighting for the same cause but with a different approach; he comes in insisting that his involvement only helps Dr. King’s cause.

You will find Selma Rated PG-13 for disturbing violence, suggestive moments and strong language.

Rotten Tomatoes has Selma at a whopping 99% fresh! YES!

Just as the rating describes it’s pretty disturbing. So many scenes in this movie will make you angry, make you cry and fill you with that hated dread that I keep telling you about. But it’s history. Someone I love dearly always tells me you gotta know where you came from to know where you’re going. So go see this movie. You’ll love it I promise, because with the bad comes the good. When the rolling credits start you’ll find that dreaded feeling melt away only to be replaced with inspiring hope.

Earlier today in Selma Alabama there was a free screening of the movie. At the movies end it was notated there was a burst of applause, I’m sure very much like the one that happened at the theater I went to. Trust me the movie is well worth it.