*Throwback* Breakfast at Tiffany’s



Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I just wanna hit myself on the head for having never seen this movie until recently. As of right now it has become my new official favorite Romance movie! Officialy!

With this classic Throwback we have the beautiful late Audrey Hepburn (Roman Holiday, Two For the Road, Sabrina) playing Holly Golighty, a fun-loving New Yorker socialite who works as a high-class escort. Her passion is to marry into riches and she has a love for the expensive yet popular Tiffany & Co. retail store. She describes the beautiful store as the one place she can go where everything just makes sense again.

When struggling writer Paul Varjak played by the late George Peppard (The Blue Max, The Strange One, Tobruk) moves into Holly’s apartment building a new friendship forms between the two. However things get complicated fast when Holly’s past comes to light and she gets mixed up with legal affairs attending to one of her clients, a mobster she visits regularly in jail. Oh, and not to mention the little fact that Paul falls head over heels for the ever flighty Holly who can’t accept the reasoning of love or ever belonging to someone else.

This Romantic comedy overflows with charm and laughs as you get tangled up in Holly’s mess of a life. From dealing with her over exasperated neighbor Mr. Yunioshi, played by Mickey Rooney (Night at the Museum, The Fox and the Hound, Red Velvet) , constantly on the run from overbearing suitors, and throwing outrageous cocktail parties. Audrey Hepburn really shines in this throwback making it so that you can’t help but adore Holly as she tries to get her life in order. Paul comes out on top as the perfectly charming sidekick as he tries to keep up with Holly with many a disapproving shake of the head. With Holly’s past and lifestyle you find their flailing friendship as an on/off again type situation but after their cute date when they spend the day doing all the things they’ve never done before of course you gotta root for them to get together at the end!

This movie is listed as NR. So without a rating I’ll just point out that there are scenes with lots of drinking and smoking (duh the sixties) and drunkenness. No nudity or sex but there is a scene where Holly and Paul go into a strip club together. Also Mr. Yunioshi’s character portrays a strong stereotype which may be found somewhat offensive.

Rotten Tomatoes has this classic film at 87% fresh! Love it!

God I love how they talk in these old movies. No one talks like that anymore! As of now this Throwback can be found on Netflix’s instant stream.  You have to see this movie and not just because of how they talked back then but because it’s one of those rare romantic comedies that make you feel good about falling in love. Makes you smile, gives you that little ‘Awww’ moment at the end, you know? And just as gone as sixties slang no one makes movies like that anymore.