*Throwback* Casablanca


This week; know when I saw ‘Throwback’ I mean ‘Throwback’! I’m taking you back to big bands  and the joys when soda-pop cost a nickel!

With the beautiful film Casablanca we have Rick Blaine played by the late Humphrey Bogart (The Big Sleep, Beat the Devil, The Enforcer) a man with a rough exterior and past shrouded in mystery. He owns the night club where many tend to go for drinks, gamble and to worry away their desire to get out of Casablanca and back to America in the midst of World War II. His only friend and the only one who knows the reason for Ricks coldness is Sam played by Dooley Wilson (Racing Luck, Stormy Weather, Free for All) who arrived with Rick to Casablanca from Paris. Through a petty crook papers of transit land in Rick’s hands. These papers allow travel through a German controlled Europe to neutral Portugal. It’s every refugee’s dream! However with no intention or reason to go home to America Rick hides the papers for safekeeping.


In walks Ilsa Lund played by the lovely late Ingrid Bergman (Spellbound, Goodbye Again, A Walk in the Spring Rain) Rick’s former love and the reason for his bitterness. She and her husband Victor Laszlo played by Paul Henreid (Dead Ringer, For Men Only, A Woman’s Devotion) who is a fugitive Czech Resistance leader, are on the move to escape to America. Old memories re-surface from back when Rick and Ilsa spent a beautiful time together in Paris just before she abandons him at the train station after their promise to escape the German take over together. But the feelings are still there and Rick’s coldness soon begins to melt once the real reason is revealed for Ilsa’s deception. Now there’s a choice to be made: Runaway with the love of his life or help her and her husband escape from Casablanca?

There’s something just so dreamy about black and white films… released in the fall of 1942 Casablanca delivers, romance, humor, action, and the promise that some old loves never really fade. The story is very bittersweet but exciting and the acting is flawless. I’m pretty sure everyone associated with this film has passed but I think I’ll have fun looking for more films from the cast and director Michael Curtiz because it really is a timeless movie.

Rated PG for mild violence.

Rotten Tomatoes has Casablanca at a 97% fresh! Beautiful!


From Sam’s number of the classic tune ‘As Time Goes By’ to Rick’s memorable words to Ilsa at the airport you’ll enjoy every minute of this throwback. I don’t care how many years have passed some movies just have to be seen at least once in a lifetime and this is one of them! Whether you’re an old soul at heart like me, or your just bord of everything that’s out right now. Find this masterpiece and enjoy. ‘Here’s looking at you, kid.’