Before I Go to Sleep

Before I go to Sleep


In Before I Go to Sleep we have Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge, The Golden Compass, Eyes Wide Shut) playing Christine Lucas. A woman who suffered a horrible attack 14 years ago and as a result awakens every day with her memory wiped clean from the previous day. At the age of forty she wakes up thinking she is still in her early twenties and it falls to her beloved husband Ben Lucas played magnificently by Colin Firth (The King’s Speech, Love Actually, Mamma Mia!) to remind her of her ailment each day.

The movie begins when we get a call from Dr. Mike Nasch played by Mark Strong (Body of Lies, Sherlock Holmes, Kick Ass) who has been helping Christine for the past few weeks to regain her memory. He’s helped her create a video diary that he informs Christine to record new memories and then calls her each morning to look over the video diary without the knowledge of her husband. As they continue to progress new clues begin to emerge. Facts about her life that Ben keeps hidden begin to pop up such as the fact that the culprit is still at large…a culprit that no one can identify except Christine. As memories begin to emerge disguised as dreams and more secrets come to light from all those close to her, Christine realizes that remembering the night of her attack may become a life or death situation.

So I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. My favorite type of movie is the Thriller with a twist at the end! They get me every time with those, and this one here seemed like a good one! Oh how disappointed I was… The cast was an amazing one. Colin Firth! Awesome! But the story itself dragged…a lot. You may find that it drags and picks up pace at some scenes like when Christine finds out she has a son and…other stuff but then it always goes back to the dragging pace. The thrill level was high with this movie but there really was no twist at the end. I knew who it was just by watching the trailer. And I’m the type of person where if I get it, then EVERYONE gets it! That’s how I feel anyway. Sad but True. I walked into that theater hoping I would be thrown off guard. That I would be wrong. I usually am anyway…but I wasn’t. First time for everything. Who knew.

Also I left the theater feeling highly confused. A lot of it didn’t make much sense. It was like a ‘Wait….WHAT??’ moment.


Rated R for brutal violence and language.

Rotten Tomatoes gave this film a 38% Rotten. Wow…Even Horns did better than this. I wasn’t expecting that.

I’m sorry but the only way I can recommend this movie is if you are bored. To tears. Don’t Redbox it. Wait till it comes out to Netflix. And again you’d have to just…have nothing else going for you for the rest of the day. Like seriously nothing. Although, if it’s any consolation the movie did have a happy ending. I guess that could count for something.