St. Vincent

st. vincent


So let me tell you. A week without my computer seriously sucked. I apologize for not updating last week. But I’m back in business with a good one!

Oh, I was so excited when I first saw the trailer for this movie! Bill Murray (Groundhog Day, Zombieland, Lost In Translation, Ghostbusters) and Melissa McCarthy (Life As We Know It, Identity Thief, This is 40) together on the big screen!? *Swoon!*

In this movie Bill Murray plays Vincent a cranky old drunk who possesses the loving quality to piss off and alienate everyone around him. He spends his time gambling away at the race track, hanging with the locals at the bar, and banging and annoying his favorite Russian dancer Daka played by Niomi Watts (King Kong *2005, The Ring, Funny Games). Or as they call her ‘a lady of the night’. His peaceful, angry, existence is brought to a screeching halt, however, when he gains new neighbors Maggie played by Mrs. McCarthy and her young son Oliver played by Jaeden Lieberher (St. Vincent).

Poor Maggie is going through a hard time. Her husband’s infidelity is the reason for the move, but in a new town working as a full-time nurse her son Oliver finds himself constantly alone. When he’s forced to use his grouchy new neighbors phone and waits with him till his mother’s shifts end Vincent finds this as a good opportunity to get some cash on the side as a part-time babysitter.

So yeah, as you can guess it’s one of those stories where the bad influence is placed in charge of a child and this sudden offering of responsibility is supposed to benefit both the bad influence and the child in a positive way. Tons of films have done this. I.E: Role Models, Bad Words, Uptown Girls, Everything Must Go, Bad Teacher, Madea’s Family Reunion. Yes the second Madea movie! Trust me this kind of movie comes in all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen it a million times before so why do we keep watching it? And why this one? Because this particular movie has Bill Murray (Duh) and because the story of the bad influence taking charge of a child is the kind of movie that allows us to take a look at our selves and feel like we could make a change in some one else’s life. No matter how flawed we personally are. That’s why we like these movies and that’s why I hope they never stop making them.

St. Vincent is just overflowing with flawed characters, with Vincent himself, the Russian stripper, the cheating father and even Maggie herself whilst poor Oliver is thrown in the midst of all of them. The chemistry between Lieberher and Murray is great and as always with these types of movies you’re gonna love watching their relationship grow from hatred to admiration of one another.

PG-13 for mature thematic material including sexual content, alcohol and tobacco use, and for language.

Rotten Tomatoes has St. Vincent at a 75% fresh. See, everyone loves the bad influence is suddenly placed in charge of a kid movie!

Wonderful movie. There’s, of course, a hidden reason behind Vincent’s destructive ways that wraps up the hilarity with just a dash of sentiment. But you’ll figure that one out when you go see the movie for yourself. Cause I want you to see the movie! I promise you’re missing something special if you don’t.