Michael Rooker Vs. The Fans

MR 1

So this weekend comic-con stopped in and who should be with them but Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy, Walking Dead *Series, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer). Of course me and a friend went out to grab our seats and were granted the amazing  pleasure of Mr. Rooker’s snarky humor,quick come-backs, and infectious sarcasm. You gotta love it when your high expectations for someone are rightfully met. But seriously he was a funny guy!

I’m an awesome nobody so of course this interview is not personal though I was allowed a question. (Psst my question is the last one!) Like most conventions work Mr. Rooker took turns pointing out to the audience for the ever indulged Q&A and I thought this week of PurpleFilms I’d share that with you. Not all questions asked were recorded onto PurpleFilms, so sad yet true. Only a few questions but I think you’ll like what you’ll find from the Walking Dead star. Carry on & enjoy!


Q. Besides Yondu who is your favorite superhero and why?

A. Oh that’s a good question. I do have a few favorites…the Hulk was one of my favorites growing up and also I enjoyed the Silver Surfer. I like comics and so I have a number of different favorites that pop up every now and then that I want to look at again.


Q.  What was the weirdest thing a fan has ever done or said?

A. I had one guy who was one of these people who could bend all sorts of ways…? contortionists? Yeah…whatever. So the guy tells me he can do this and I’m like ‘Yeah…?’ And he goes, ‘You wanna see? ‘ And I’m thinking, ‘I don’t know if I like seeing these kinds of things. I’ve gone to Cirque du Soleil and every time I see people bending the wrong way it makes me feel a little queasy.’ So all of a sudden this cat’s standing in front of me and he starts doing these back bends. He goes all the way down to the floor and then he rolls…out of the room…backwards! So he’s bent this way *tries to demonstrate* and he grabs at…here *grabs his ankle* and he’s rolling like a little ball. And as he left I say to the people ‘Just lock that door!’  That was probably the weirdest experience I’ve had with a fan. And I hope to never experience it again. *Laughs*


Q. Do you like Dr. Who?

A. I love Dr. Who! I’ve been a Dr. Who fan for many, many years. I’ve been a Whovian before they were even called Whovians. We were just called wierdos. *Laughs*


Q. Your portrayal of Grant in ‘Slither’. What was that like?

MR 3 Slither                                    slither 2                                           slither(Released Spring of 2006, Rated R for strong horror, and gore, and language)

A. We had a 7 hour makeup by the time I was done with the makeup and ready to act I was already sleeping again. *Laughs* But no, no, I loved doing the movie, James Gunn is an amazing writer and we had a grand time on that piece. I’ve had such a great time on almost…well not almost but every single job and film and project that I’ve done with Mr. Gunn he’s…he’s a pretty cool cat.

Q. What Steven King film did you enjoy making and being apart of the most?

MR 4 dark half                                                                                                      The dark half (Released spring of 1993, Rated R for violence and language)

A. Ahh…have I done more than one!?  *Laughs* I think I have…yeah. Ummm…which one’s did I do? *Laughs* I enjoyed Dark Half I truly did it was an awesome movie and I had a fun time. I loved having 2,500 cut throat fitches fly by me pissing and shitting all over my back. It was AMAZING!


Q. If you could play any Marvel superhero or villan who would it be?

A. Besides Yondu? Woow! Oh you know what it’s already been played. They’ve already done Silver Surfer, they’ve already done the Hulk…I’ve gotta think of someone. Sorry, I’ve got no answer for you now.


Q. On the set of Walking Dead what was your favorite experience while making that show?

A. *Laughs* Lunch! I very much enjoyed their lunches!


Q.  Will you as Yondu help Star-Lord find his father in the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

MR 2 gotg                                                                                     gotg (Released summer of 2014, Rated Pg-13 for sci-fi violence and action and some language)

A. As we all know Yondu is not…you know Yondu is very into tough love. You know if the little Star-Lord can’t find his own daddy out there in the Universe he’s going to have to pay me. I figure if he can pay me I’ll help find his dad. Maybe…maybe not. I don’t know, I’m never allowed to give out any sort of plot or info away. But Im sure It’s going to be exciting and awesome to see what Yondu’s going to do in Guardians of the Galaxy two. I know I’m excited to see what’s going to happen and you know what, Star-Lord needs to find his way…I’ve given him all I can give him. He knows how to take care of himself, he knows how to defend himself, he knows how to stay alive in the big bad Universe so I think that’s what Yondu’s legacy is for Star-Lord and now he’s got to use it.


Q. Regarding the comics of The Walking Dead, wouldn’t you like to see yourself and Darrell in the comic book series?

A. If the price is right! *Laughs* Uhmm…yeah…yeah, yeah, yeah that’s right. I think we’re working with…not with this comics…not with this series. But there are some comic experiences in my future…maybe. And possibly if a video game pops up there will be a voice over as well. So we’ll see how all those things pan out…So good question. You’ve pulled out a real secret from me.


Q. So Chris Pratt is pretty big now. How was it like working with him on set?

A. He’s big…? Oh popular! Yeeahhh…It was nice. I thought you meant…another type of big…yeah. *Laughs* It happens sometimes with we actors. You know we get in shape and do a film and then we get out of shape and then we get in shape again and we do another film and sometimes we stay in shape you know a certain shape and sometimes we don’t. But Mr. Chris Pratt is killer! He worked his butt off in Guardians of the Galaxy and I didn’t have to do much.


Born in Jasper Alabama in April of 1955 Michael Rooker received his first breaking act with the film Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer. Although the film was made in ’86 it was not released until 1990 due to its controversial nature. Since then he’s spent most of his career playing villains and bad-guys although none can mistake his talent when he plays the occasional good-guy. As of today he is of course most recognized for his role in the recent summer blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy as Yondu Udonta and The Walking Dead as Merle Dixon. However from his first hit back in the early 90’s the actor has created waves of recognition from cult masterpieces to star-studded sci-fi action.

Like millions of others I dance on pins and needles awaiting Mr. Rooker’s next big project. It’s sure to be an awesome time!