The Equalizer


Another movie where Denzel Washington (The Book of Eli, Safe House, Deja Vu) kicks butt and takes names? Yes please!

In this dark action flick we have Denzel playing your everyday mild-mannered-Joe Robert McCall who works as a manager at a home decorating store by day and spends his nights fighting insomnia reading a book alone in the local diner. There he meets Teri; Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass, Hugo, Let Me In) a young call girl with dreams of being a singer. The somewhat strange and new friendship is shattered, however, when Teri’s pimps smash her face in placing her in ICU. More than a little pissed Robert walks into the heart of the Russian den to try and buy her freedom. As you can imagine this does not go well, through the ridicule Robert’s past darkens to the present and he makes quick work of the mafia men. Imagine using a glass cup to take someones eye out and a cork-screw opener twisted into your chin. Cringe worthy stuff right?

But it doesn’t end there. Roberts antics have captured the attention of an even bigger ring of Russian gangsters fresh out of Moscow! Enter Teddy played by Marton Csokas (xXx, Noah, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For) sent in to find the source of the killings and exterminate it. Teddy is one bad dude you don’t want to mess with, you can tell because there’s one overly dramatic scene dedicated to all the tatoo’s on his chest and back. The film soon takes a turn from a cat and mouse hunt to a stand-off between two formidable enemies who knows the other’s background and skill-set and refuse to back down. This of course gives us that huge last battle climax towards the end the kind that is even worthy of a slow motion entrance with a water raining down effect. You know you love it. Cheesy as it may be.


The movie is a whopping 2 hours and 35 minutes which is like; Come ON!? Especially since the first forty minutes is just to emphasise how boring and normal Robert’s life is and to introduce us to his friends/co-workers. But if you’re a glutton for those over the top action films, international gang wars, the slow-mo walk from an explosion, the dramatic eye glare while water rains over you and all that jazz you will definitely get your fill here. The Equalizer is a spin-off from the mid to late eighties TV series where the late Edward Woodward played the then Robert McCall. So you know if you truly love the movie you may wanna check it out.

Rated R for strong bloody violence, language, and some sexual references.

Rotten Tomatoes gave The Equalizer a 59% Fresh. Yes!

So the first forty minutes is like getting on a roller coaster ride where you’re strapped in and rearing to go and waiting for the operator to hit the ‘Start’ button. But once you get moving, you are truly in for a ride! Plus, HELLO!? It’s Denzel! Go enjoy!