No Good Deed


Kind of a slow weekend for movies this week huh? Instead of ‘Dolphin Tale 2’ or ‘The Drop’, I give you ‘No Good Deed’. I’m sure you saw the trailer for this one; the one with the woman who keeps running around the house and bashing the mans head in with every object she can grab while the guy keeps kicking in doors and standing there…menacingly. That trailer. As unimpressive as the trailer was for this movie I got to admit…the movie was actually pretty good. Crazy right? Hear me out.

Starring we have Idris Elba (Takers, Obsessed, This Christmas) as Colin Evans an escaped convict sentenced for man-slaughter and also believed to be the main culprit for at least five disappearances of young women. Also  Taraji P. Henson (The Karate Kid *2010, Think Like a Man, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) playing Terri a has-been big shot lawyer turned house wife with two young children.

In this captivating thriller Terri is left alone by her husband Jeffery, played by Henry Simmons (From the Rough,  Worlds Greatest Dad, South of Pico) who leaves to visit his dad for his birthday. Que the dramatic storm when Colin shows up at her door, having just recently escaped from an additional sentence of five years,  with car problems and asking to use Terri’s phone. Colin is portrayed as a narcissist he’s all charming and good looking on the outside but mentally damaged on the inside and once the wrong thing is said it can be very life threatening. Terri falls for the nice guy act and allows him inside her home. The title ‘No Good Deed’ comes with from the warning no good deed comes unpunished because soon the pleasantries fall away and Terri finds herself and her children pitted against a raging madman.

The first part of the movie practically oozes suspense after Terri allows Colin into her home. You know he’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing and you’re just waiting for Terri to figure that out or for him to show those fangs. Once the secret is out and Terri finds that she’s actually in very real danger the cat and mouse chase begins. Terri thrashes out with her surprise ‘I’m a lot stronger than you think’ attacks but Colin brings terror and so much anger to the screen you really wonder how the small family will make it out alive. A puzzling thing that really bothered me was as unstable and full of rage as Colin was how is it that Terri (who keeps getting caught  trying escape or to contact the authorities) is still alive? You’d think that an unstable convict would have silenced her for good right? But my questions were answered happily in the end with the twist the movie gives. There is actually a reason he wants Terri and her family alive for the time being.

I actually liked it. If you know me by now you know my favorite types of movies are thrillers with a twist at the end and this one was a good one!

Rotten Tomatoes gave this dark suspense a 12% rotten! Yesh. The thriller with the twist at the end gets no love!

Rated PG-13 for violence, menace, terror, and language.

I was thoroughly surprised with this film. In a good way. It’s not some dumb woman running around screaming, instead you get a victim who tries to rise up to the occasion. The real plot catches you off guard, the acting is point on and the ending is inspiring. And just like that we all learn a valuable lesson; you can’t judge a film by its trailer. Go see it, you just may be throughly surprised yourself.