The Purge: Anarchy


“The new founders of America invite you to celebrate your annual right to purge.”

I would hate to live in that America!

So, The Purge: Anarchy. Crazy stuff. Writer and director James Demonaco brings us back into his horrid imagination about our country gone array in this thrilling sequel.  If you saw the first you pretty much know the background. In the near future an insane holiday is created called the Purge that allows one night, 12 hours, for all crime including murder to be legal. It seems murder is pretty much the only crime anyone cares about in this movie. If it were me I would just steal the new playstation games when they come out and probably anything else I could carry. But with all the killing most likely I’d just stay inside and try to live.

In this sequel we have a group of people who find themselves out in the downtown streets just when the annual Purge is underway and out in the open in downtown LA is definitely somewhere you don’t want to be on this night of all nights. We have Carmen Ejogo (Sparkle, Away We Go, Whats the Worst That Could Happen) playing Eva Sanchaz a waitress who works hard to care for her daughter and ailing father. Zoe Soul (Prisoners, Read Between the Lines) who plays Cali Sanchez Eva’s tough talking daughter. There’s Zach Gilford (Answers to Nothing, Crazy Kind of Love, The River Why) who plays Shane, a guy who’s marriage is just about over and Kiele Sanchez (A Perfect Getaway, 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, Lost) is Liz, Shane’s wife who thinks it’s about time they start telling their family that they’re separating. Then we have Frank Grillo (My Soul to Take, Warrior, Captain America: The Winter Soldier) a police sergeant who goes by Sergeant actually out on the night as part of the Purge going after the man who killed his son in a drunken car accident.  These survivors end up together looking to Sergeant as the main man to help navigate them through the crime ridden streets and keep them alive for the night.

The Purge: Anarchy is a sequal where you don’t have to see the first movie to get what’s happening. The cast and the storyline are completely different than the first and in my opinion way better. My advice is skip the first movie altogether because the sequel seriously beats the first hands down which is something rare to find. We have four innocent characters and one questionable character that is the only hope for survival fighting through motor bike gangs wielding machetes, sniper truckers, thugs with machine guns and just regular citizens who want one night of killing. There are traps in the streets and bodies strung up as warning and the rich are the most dangerous of all!

Where the first movie was simply about a rich family of four with annoying parents and stupid children trying to keep the bad guys out the house.

I think the whole idea is incredulous especially the endings in both movies where as soon as the alarm goes off alerting that the Purge is over everyone just puts down their weapons and goes home or to the hospital whichever. And I think really? You’re gonna go home now!? The gun is pointed your finger is on the trigger! You went through all of this just to stop one second from your goal!? But then I think about it and realize; well if they shoot now…it’ll be bad. Cause now killing is wrong. However Mr. Demonaco is no stranger to edge of your seat tension. He makes you seriously doubt that anyone is making it out alive and you almost want to cry out ‘Someone save them!’ So hat’s off to him for that.

Currently this thriller sequel is at a 52% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes. It’s kinda up there.

Rated R for strong disturbing violence and language.

This isn’t what I’d really call horror, it’s not scary but it can make you jump at times.  If it’s a good old fashion thriller you’re looking for then this will work just fine. It may be incredulous but it keeps your attention and that’s why it works. You just HAVE to know if these people are going to make it through the night! So enjoy and try to remember all the good the Purge does.