*Throwback* Big Trouble in Little China

big trouble


Here I introduce my first throwback themed movie review with Big Trouble in Little China starring Kurt Russell (Poseidon, Touchback, Stargate) a macho truck driver who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. And by that I mean China Town. I have been craving 80’s movies recently like chocolate cake at fat camp and this one here was really, really good!

Our main character played by Kurt is Jack Burton who has just delivered a load to China Town and after meeting up with his friend Wang Chi played by Dennis Dun (Venus Rising, Journey From the Heart, Prince of Darkness) they leave to pick up Wang’s girlfriend from the airport. But the trouble starts when his girlfriend Mia Yin played by Suzee Pai (The Cosby Show, Jakarta, Sharky’s Machine) is kidnapped by gangsters to be sold at a brothel. The trouble continues from there when during the rescue Jack and Wang get in the middle of a street fight between two Chinese gangs. The trouble continues from there when the gang fight is interrupted by mystical fighting warriors. The trouble continues from there when an evil ancient sorcerer kidnaps Wang’s already kidnapped girlfriend to use her so that he may become human again!

I think I know why they call it Big Trouble in Little China now.

Also in this action film is Kim Cattrall (Sex in the City, The Return of the Musketeers, Breaking Point) who plays Gracie Law a sassy attorney who knows that something is going wrong in the small China town. Kate Burton (The Ice Storm, Lovely By Surprise, Stay) is Margo a news reporter who feels her big story coming up soon.  Donald Li (Falcon Down, The Avengers, One Crazy Summer) played as Eddie Lee is a long time good friend of Wang. And the late Victor Wong (The Golden Child, 3 Ninjas, Paper Dragons) played as Egg Shen; he also studies Chinese magic and with his tricks may be the gangs only hope for saving Mai Yin.

You can accept Big Trouble in Little China as a ‘Cult Classic’ directed back in ’86 by John Carpenter. Ah, gotta love this man.

Probably my only disdain for this film is Kurt Russell coming off as extrmely macho manly in this movie. It’s kind of annoying  though I think that’s supposed to be the joke because it sometimes comes off as  funny too. Sometimes.

That aside if you loved The Goonies you will love this film. The cast isn’t as young of course but it holds all the same ingredients, adventure, romance, mystery, mayhem, hidden chambers, and big ugly troll monsters! And a few added ingredients as well such as dark magic and kung-fu action.

Rotten Tomatoes gave this old classic an 83% fresh. And um, why wouldn’t they?

Rated Pg-13 for action, adventure, science fiction and fantasy.

You know it really makes me sad that I only spent two years of my life in the 80’s and I was way too young to remember any of it but it seems to me that’s where all the good movies are hidden. In the 80’s vault. So don’t be surprised if you see most of my throwback’s from this decade because I love it so. For a limited time you should be able to find Big Trouble in Little China on Netflix’s instant stream but if you cannot I must encourage you to go out and find this film. It really draws you in. I promise once you start the movie you are stuck on that couch my friend from beginning to end. So warm up that beta player and enjoy!

That was a joke by the way. They have it on Blu-Ray.