Edge of Tomorrow

edge of tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow is one of those movies that we see hundreds of times in the upcoming trailers, commercials, posters, everyone saying ‘I’m gonna see that one!’ The ‘over advertised movie’. Which usually builds you up into disappointment. All that action and CGI stuff is all just for show followed by a lame plot and semi-good acting.

Not Edge of Tomorrow. They got this one right!

Edge of Tomorrow is about Major William Cage; Tom Cruise (Mission: Impossible, Knight and Day, Valkyrie, Tropic Thunder) a man who, I’m sure like most, likes to be behind the scenes in the face of war. Unfortunate for him he suddenly finds himself thrust into the front-lines of what mounts up to be a suicide mission against a creepy looking alien race. He dies within minutes of the battle. And yet suddenly he’s awake again living out the same events of yesterday! Major Cage finds himself thrust back into the same battle only to die again, and again, and again, and again. Upon one of his re-visits to the same battle he rescues Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski played by Emily Blunt (The Five-Year Engagement, Looper, The Devil Wears Prada) who knows exactly what Cage is going through and advises him to find her when he awakens.

When he does just that the lovely warrior begins Cage’s strenuous training to battle the enemy. With every battle he fights Cage gets stronger and more experienced with combat, which is awesome because as it turns out he’s the key to defeating the enemy and putting an end to this horrific war once and for all.

Also starring in this film we have Brendon Gleeson (Safe House, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1, Calvary) who plays General Brigham. As well as Bill Paxton (Million Dollar Arm, The Colony, Haven) playing Master Sergeant Farell.

I gotta say this was done perfectly. Everything fell into place. The reason behind Cage’s sudden time shifts, Rita’s knowledge of the power and how they’ll use that power to find the Omega and stop the invaders. The action combat scenes were on point and make you think for a second; could the movie have been inspired from a video game? In the fight scenes I kept feeling like I needed a playstation controller in my hand to play along. I saw the expensive 3-D version and this is one of the rare films where I think it goes great with the movie. If you have a few extra bucks I would recommend the upgrade.

I was very impressed with this movie, director Doug Liman had something special going on here and I applaud him for it.

Rotten Tomatoes gave the film an 89% fresh and growing!

Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action, language and violence.

Of course I want you to see this movie. I want you to see it on the big screen. It’s one of those movies where you gotta see it on the big screen!  Again and again and again and again. Get it? Do you see what I did there? Yeah, I think you do.