The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Here we have The Amazing Spider-Man 2 fresh in theaters on May 2nd. Gotta love it when one of the cooler comic hero’s comes out with that new sequel you’ve been waiting on since last year. Somehow it always feels like the beginning of summer!

As you can expect from one of the best super hero’s out there Spider-Man did not disappoint with the action, thrill roller coaster ride you’d expect from begging to end. From the shocking introductory that explains Peter’s parents deaths to the anticipated duel between Spiderman, green goblin and Electrode at the end!

Its graduation day, and Peter Parker played by Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man, The Social Network, Never Let Me Go,) is spending it by stopping crime as Spider-Man, appropriately enough. He saves a man from getting crushed by a car, some nobody by the name of Max Dillon you’ll recognize him as Jamie Foxx (Rio 2, White House Down, Django Unchained) such a nobody right? Well ever since that moment that nobody becomes freakily obsessed with Spider-Man. Because obviously if you’re saved by Spider-Man that means you really matter! You’re really important! It probably didn’t help much that Spider-Man called him his ‘Eyes and ears’ and told him ‘he’s counting on him’. But come on! Superheros say that stuff to everyone and we as civilians aren’t supposed to take it seriously! But poor Max does and then he has his little accident at his job at Oscorp Industries which results in him being electrocuted so badly he becomes the very element himself! Introducing Electro; who’s a little bummed out when everyone starts shooting at him and calling him names and pretty much wanting him out of town. But it’s even worse when Spider-Man show’s up and can’t even remember the poor guy’s name. It’s MAX!! So of course Electro goes off and Spider-Man has to deal with an unhappy fan but this is only round one.

We also have the side stories that were really good. Such as Peter dealing with the mystery of his parent’s abandonment and his relationship with Gwen Stacy played by the fabulous Emma Stone (The Croods, The Help, Easy A) his fragile friendship with the owner of Oscorp Harry Osborn; Dane DeHaan (Chronicle, Lawless, Kill Your Darlings) and then of course there’s Harry’ s very own story. His dealings with a genetic illness that is slowly taking his life and his race to find a cure which he finds in the form of Spider-Man’s blood. However our super hero, who is also secretly a friend of Harry’s, does not want to give it up for fear of what his blood could to the millionaire. Now Harry’s never been that big of a fan of Spider-Man but after being told no for the first time ever he kinda wants’ him dead.

So as you can see Peter Parker’s plate is pretty much full. There’s alot of emmo-angst in this that pretty much every superhero has to deal with. The big question: Should I sacrifice my own life and own happiness by continuing to be the hero? But someone’s gotta do it cause in these superhero movies the cops are always just so useless. I find myself wondering on why the police just don’t try and get superpowers? It would make things so much easier! I mean because obviously it can be done!

Continuing on.
Eventually Harry turns to Electro for help, bails him out and get’s what he’s looking for. A cure to his ailment! But at a terrible cost. In which the Green Goblin is born! And guess who’s first on his and Electro’s hit list?

This movie is pretty awesome with all its twists and side stories. The only thing I had a problem with was all the cliché that can never be avoided in these types of movies (i.e. the damsel in distress, the lame city law enforcement, and the ever-brooding superhero conflicts of what’s right and what’s wrong) but if you’re a big Spider-Man fan this shouldn’t be a problem for you. And if you love old school comics and a good kick-butt superhero movie then you’re not even gonna sweat the little stuff.

Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action and violence.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 fell just a little short on Rotten Tomatoes but not too bad; a 54% fresh. Not bad, not bad.

Movies like this one here are always great for a thrill. If you don’t care for superhero’s then go for the cool action and suspense. If you are the superhero fan then just GO! (Like you haven’t already been twice) Well worth it!