Muppets Most Wanted


As an old school Muppets fan I’m so happy to review this movie!

Having just reunited in the revival film ‘The Muppets’ released in 2011, ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ takes place right after the first. Like literally. Fireworks are still going off from the last movie. And having just been reunited the Muppets soon meet up with Dominic Badguy (The Badguy is foreign. It means really, really good guy.) played amusingly by Ricky Gervais (The Invention of Lying, The Office, Cemetery Junction) who offers the Muppets a world tour deal! With a lot of coaxing and pressure Kermit agrees and the Muppets take the show overseas! Finally! How come they’ve never had a world tour before!?

First stop is Germany where an evil Kermit the Frog look alike Constantine has just made an escape, secretly teamed with Dominic a.ka. # 2, they make a dastardly switch so that Kermit is taken to jail and Constantine takes control of The Muppet Show! Now what is the evil plan behind the switch you may ask? Why does Constantine want to take over The Muppets Show? Well to book shows next to all of the most famous priceless museums to collect clues and keys to create the biggest heist of all: to steal the infamous crown jewels!

The continuation of Jim Henson’s lovable characters is done right in this fun film! The humor was perfect and the songs were even better! Seriously! If you’re one of those types who hate when the storyline breaks into song and dance I guarantee that you’ll be tapping your feet to this one. Tina Fey (Admission, Date Night, Baby Mama, 30 Rock) plays tough prison guard Nadya  and I was surprised that she could sing and make me laugh in this. Great Job Tina. Jean Pierre Napoleon the detective who teams up with Sam Eagle to find the culprits behind the museum breaks is played by Ty Burrell (Mr. Peabody and Sherman, The Incredible Hulk, Dawn of the Dead, Modern Family) and together these two make a very comedic duo.

I have a tingly soft spot for The Muppets having grown up with them ‘Rainbow Connection’ still my favorite Muppet song. But no matter how much I love them I still have to point out the few cons of this movie because sadly there are a few. Such as the Duo song between Dominic and Constantine ‘I’m Number One’ In which Gervias does a tap and dance sequence that is obviously not really him. They do the thing where they show his feet and then his upper body but you never see his whole body doing the tap and dance routine. Blah. 
And then there was the scene during the song ‘Something So Right’ also sung with Celine Dion in which there is a fantasy window where Ms. Piggy Imagines her and Kermit raising their babies together and I know it was meant to be funny but the sight of a green baby pig and a pink baby frog was just…creepy.
And last but not least why the heck was Rizzo the Rat not in this movie!? He’s one of the more well known Muppets and he only had that one teeny tiny role where he made a joke about not being in the movie. Isn’t he like Gonzo’s sidekick or best friend? Tsk, tsk. A Muppet Movie without Rizzo. A shame.

But still I think Mr. Henson would have been quite pleased. In all other aspects it stayed true to the Muppets we know and love. Fun, singing, adventure, romance and the craziness we have come to expect from our favorite gang of puppets. Also shout out to P. Diddy, Usher, Lady Gaga and a few other celebrities that made quick guest appearances. (Usher played and usher. Ha!)

Rotten Tomatoes rated the movie 77% fresh which I think I can stand behind. Rated PG for some mild action.

This movie is great for all Muppet lovers who still remember ‘Rainbow Connection’. Treat yourself and the family.