Definitely delivers in this edge of your seat thriller! Oh Liam…is there nothing you can’t do? Saving your daughter from pimps in Paris wasn’t enough, so you decide to become a badass air-marshal who crashes planes as well?

Non-Stop takes the classic thrill of a room full of strangers where somebody is a murderer and pits them 300,000 ft in the air. Liam Neeson (Taken, Taken 2, Battleship, Wrath of the Titans) plays troubled recovering alcoholic Bill Marks who goes into work at his job as a Federal Air-Marshall. But soon after takeoff he starts receiving cryptic text messages from an unknown source demanding $150 million dollars wired to an acct or a passenger aboard the plane will die every twenty minutes.

Give it a chance. The movie has a slow start but really takes off after the surprising twist that results in the death of the first passenger. Every random person that Neeson casually observes at the beginning of the film becomes involved as key characters and I promise you it will keep you guessing till the very end. Unless you’re just some extreme mystery mastermind and you always know who-done-it before the final unveiling in which case I hate you and go see another movie. But I promise you won’t make the connections! As the story unfolds and the body count piles up the passengers begin to question the eccentric Air Marshall and even home communications pins him as a suspect. In the next desperate, heart pounding moments you find your fingers crossed that the bad guy is revealed, Neeson’s name is cleared and that the plane makes it to the ground and that the remaining passengers survive it!

Also fantastic performance from Julianne Moore (Crazy Stupid Love, Don Jon, Carrie *Remake) who plays Jen Summers who plays opposite to Neeson as one of those passengers who have to have the window seat. They’re so annoying. I know because I’m one of them. The chemistry between her and Neeson was so air-tight I was actually disappointed when she became a suspect. But I digress. This movie wasn’t so hot on my fave critic’s website Rotten Tomatoes but it didn’t do bad. Rated 60% fresh on the meter but I think it deserves so much better!

Trust me this is a great date night movie, makes for great conversation at the end. “I swore it was that one guy!” Trust me. Families watch out. The Pg-13 warning is for violence, language, and drug references.

Once again I highly recommend it. It’ll leave you on an excitement high well after the credits have finished rolling.